Gazebos made of polycarbonate (54 Photo): features, advantages, build with your own hands — Design

Gazebos made of polycarbonate (54 Photo): features, advantages, build with your own hands

Cute and cozy gazebo made of polycarbonate
Polycarbonate would be relevant in any style

Gazebos to give polycarbonate: properties and features

In spite of the fact, that gazebo garden Polycarbonate visually looks like lace and virtually weightless, in fact the construction is robust and reliable. Much of the credit for this belongs to the technical characteristics of polycarbonate — today in the market of building materials he best, that can be picked from a transparent building materials:

  • impact resistance -According to this index, polycarbonate excels ordinary glass in 200 times, and acrylic plastic- 8 times
  • a small weight -gazebo roof with polycarbonate will not require powerful styling, a solid foundation and installation strong load-bearing structures. Drawing of gazebos from polycarbonate do not require calculation of additional supports and specialized overlay systems, providing a margin of safety and security

Gazebo made of polycarbonate is erected quite quickly and easily
  • resistance to natural factors -Polycarbonate safely withstand changes in temperature range from-40° c to + 120 c, does not react to moisture, soaking rain and snow, does not rot and not grow moldy
  • When applying a special coating it provides almost full protection against UV radiation, while maintaining transparency rate 86%
  • manufacturability -Polycarbonate is very simple in processing, its easy to cut, drill and fasten, It's easy enough to bend

Polycarbonate — pretty practical, malleable and durable material
  • Security — even if polycarbonate break, It does not give splinters, as glass
  • fire safety -flame-resistant polycarbonate, It does not burn, When the temperature begins melting at + 125S.

Beautiful pergolas of polycarbonate advantages:

  • the use of polycarbonate for glazing walls and as overlapping visually breaks the boundaries between the Pavilion and surrounding area, that allows a person to feel closer to nature. And svetopronicaemaâ roof with polycarbonate with orange or yellowish white will create the illusion of sunlight even on a cloudy day

Svetopronicaemaâ roof creates an illusion of light in any weather
  • good heat insulation -has a porous structure of polycarbonate due to air layer serves as an excellent insulator, keeping heat inside the gazebo. Heat-insulating properties of polycarbonate on order above, than ordinary glass. Because in such a closed heated gazebo will be comfortable and pleasant stay even in winter
  • easy care -After installing polycarbonate does not require extra care, that in combination with metal frame allows owners to forget about repairing, limited to, periodic podkrašivaniem
  • good sound insulation -Polycarbonate, having a cellular structure, excellent suppresses ambient noise. Therefore, even in heavy rain inside the gazebo will be fairly quiet, so you will be able to calmly talk to friends, without raising a voice

Closing such an Arbor made of polycarbonate, You can take a break from the bustle of the external
  • glazing polycarbonate Bower allows you to save the entire plot of the -Arbor does not clutter the space, does not close a landscape design. Therefore, it is best suited for small plots in its functional purpose, gazebo made of polycarbonate like dissolves, gaze can freely glide through it

Ease, almost zero gravity design does not clutter the space
  • mobility -Lightweight polycarbonate roof allows you to get a portable gazebo-option "table with a canopy», but the use of polycarbonate allows to receive a large area coverings, that will feel a small company (4-6 man). When it received "a mobile Pavilion" can be transferred and put on another place effort just 2-3 man. This version looks especially attractive for recreation or seasonal sites on the shores of the reservoir. After the end of the season you can simply designed to disassemble or even assembled to transport to a place of winter storage.

Due to the plasticity, incredible flexibility and ease of installation design of pavilions of polycarbonate is able to reverse the presumption of architectural forms of the garden buildings.

Polycarbonate gazebo can be a stylish and practical addition to the design of the yard

Gazebo made of polycarbonate with their hands: the sequence of operations

There are two types of polycarbonate, used to build arbors:

  • cell is the Panel, consisting of several layers of transparent and opaque plastic, are fastened together by vertical ribs. The resulting carbon flexible material reminiscent of honeycombs, where, actually, and name. Air, located in the cavities between the different layers, acts as a nice heat insulator, on the properties of polycarbonate, thickness 10 mm can easily compete with double-glazed Windows

Gazebo roof of polycarbonate
Polycarbonate not only has thermal insulation properties, and yet looks interesting
Gazebo poolside polycarbonate of
  • monolithic -produced as solid sheets with thickness from 2 before 12 mm (the most popular), Although you may come across designs and thickness to 20 mm. A special property of monolithic polycarbonate-hot forming method allows you to get the sheets in the form of varying curvature. Since the monolithic polycarbonate is more durable and better shock resistance properties, than cell, It is often used to create translucent overlays, While this margin material allows not to install metal frame for overlapping. In addition, monolithic polycarbonate does not tarnish under any climatic and atmospheric conditions.

Stylish and beautiful roof gazebos made of monolithic polycarbonate
Gazebo in Hawaiian style with the monolithic polycarbonate on the roof
Gazebo with unusual form, completely made of polycarbonate

Consider the basic stages of construction of pavilions

Choice of location

Thanks to its light weight, gazebo roof with polycarbonate can be installed on almost any type of soil. In General,, perfect smooth and dry playground, a bit on the Hill (not to accumulate rainwater), in the shade of the trees, protected from drafts. Well install a gazebo near the water-even on a hot day it will provide fresh cooler air. The models themselves arbors from polycarbonate may be different in shape (round, square, rectangular etc.), both open and closed, depending on wishes and possibilities of the owner of the plot.

To install the polycarbonate gazebo will suit almost any soil
A wonderful Mediterranean-style gazebo

Preparing the Foundation

A small gazebo can be installed directly on the ground, not laying a ad-hoc basis, but for capital construction (especially on fragile soils) would require laying the Foundation. However, Thanks to its light weight polycarbonate, for metal gazebos can be limited only pipe carriers concreting, at the same time you can spend fill venues. For substantive wooden gazebos perfect bar Foundation.

Stylish gazebo, attached to the House
Pergolas with monolithic stone pillars

Build a skeleton

As a material for frame assemblies can be used as metal profiles, and wooden poles. Advantages of wood is an inexpensive material, that is easy to handle and requires no specinstrumentov, but the exploitation of wood require constant care. Gazebo metal, polycarbonate will cost more, but it is easier to operate and not so susceptible to moisture. The wooden construction elements are connected by self-tapping screws, Staples and nails, in a metal-nuts and screws.

Council! Collecting metal frame, It is necessary to combine different types of connections, Additionally, using weld.

Metal profiles as an option for a skeleton
Metal frame, though more expensive wooden, but stamina, and practical

Installing roof

The installation of the roof starting to, When the frame firmly. Polycarbonate is convenient, that he is a very good cut nozhovkoj, hand saw or èlektrolobzikom, for speed can even involve circular saw (use disk for aluminium). So the roof can have quite complex form.

Council! Polycarbonate sheets covered from above by a thin protective film, no need to shoot it in advance.

Mounting the polycarbonate roofs
Canopy polycarbonate corrugated sheets

To install the roof using 8-MI (less-6-minute) mm polycarbonate. If the material before this was kept in a damp room, inside the leaf can condensation. You must remove the, blowing compressed air sheet. After cutting and sheet cutting face edges must be closed, using aluminium adhesive tape, sealant or trim.

When fixing roof sheets cannot be tread on polycarbonate-it can crack, Therefore all installation work to be performed only with stairs. When mounting on a metal framework, in polikarbonate preliminary bore through apertures. Fastening of sheets of polycarbonate can be done by using the self-tapping screws, and the use of rubber washers with the screws and silicone sealants will prevent water leaks and leaf subgrade.

Stylish, bright minimalist gazebo made of polycarbonate

Council! If polycarbonate is used for glazing side coverings, the carved figured apertures create an optical effect ažurnosti and adds weightless design.

Roof gazebos made of polycarbonate with an optical illusion ažurnosti

How to make a gazebo made of polycarbonate-interesting ideas look at video:

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