Gazebos with stove, barbecue or barbeque (50 Photo) — great place for a pleasant stay — Design

Gazebos with stove, barbecue or barbeque (50 Photo) — great place for a pleasant stay

Gazebo with a stove or barbecue — elegant addition country house
Modern minimalism in design and construction of pavilions
Romance and cosiness of the evening illumination in the gazebo
Gazebo with a stove and BBQ, attached to the House
Semi-open type of arbours are very practical — two walls protect from wind and rain
For barbecue gazebo equipped with appropriate place — It is lined with stone and is equipped with a chimney
A spacious gazebo, able to accommodate oven-fireplace, Grill area with table and benches
Pergolas of stone look very rich and solid

Variety of arbors

Arbors on the territory of the plot can be absolutely any shape and design. This and light sheds with mobile barbecue, and solid construction with a BBQ set, and private premises with an oven-fireplace, where you can comfortably accommodate even in winter. Decide on the design of pavilions take the hosts, in view of the available free space, other buildings on site and landscaping of the lot.

Incredible avant-garde design gazebos, equipped modern oven
Pergola with fireplace-oven, surrounded by thickets of plants and flowers

Building materials for the erection of pavilions can also be different, Depending on the financial possibilities of the hosts and selected a design option:

  • The most common material is wood, which allows you to enter the Pavilion in any landscape. From the tree produces excellent outdoor gazebos, similar to pergolas, where one wall place oven. The tree is considered to be the most affordable and easy-to-use material, but one of its properties is flammability, and because you can use it not for all the works on construction of pergolas with oven. To protect the wooden constructions material is preprocessed special flame-retardant compounds.

Traditionally, the gazebo made of wood — noble and durable material
  • Large gazebo with Russian oven, barbecue, stove and other components are usually built of brick or stone, true, for such large structures require the corresponding area. On small plots of such large objects will look inappropriate.

The rich decoration stone gazebos, in which there is an oven and Grill
  • "To facilitate" design, You can build a wrought iron gazebo, which represents the fulcrum and low fence, as well as tree canopy, plastic or aluminum.

Lightweight aluminum construction Pergola, in which there is a grill

Council! Often when building gazebos with grill or stove use different materials for individual items: frame made of metal, the outer finish is made of timber or decorative stone, the interior decoration is of Batten, the roof is of shingles or wood.

Types of furnaces for arbors

Variants of furnaces, too, very much, and their choice should depend on the destination of the future pavilions: someone prepares exclusively kebabs, someone liking traditional Pilaf, for someone preferably common BBQ in Europe, like other Russian oven. There is an option for those, who prefer everything at once, -gazebo with BBQ smoker with. Such complexes presuppose the existence of a conventional Grill and BBQ, stove, smokehouses and additional countertops with sink for cooking facilities.

The main types of furnaces, used in Garden arbors, the following:

  • Russian oven. Gazebo in Russian style decorate typically Russian mini oven. This design will give you the opportunity to cook almost all the dishes, However, its establishment is a very complex process, but because it is better to entrust to professionals.

Gazebo equipped with Russian mini oven
  • Mangal. Its special feature is that, that meat, vegetables or fish is cooked on it using skewers. Available as stationary design, that put along one wall, and portable models, easily used and outside gazebos. Some mobile metal braziers can impose a brick for easier use.

Gazebo, equipped with a grill or barbecue, significantly improve the comfort of campers
  • BBQ. This type of stove is very similar to Brazier, but in this case, the dishes are cooked on lattices, rather than on skewers. Fixed BBQ "embed" in one of the walls of gazebo, and portable can be used anywhere. The most convenient location oven-BBQ facilities-in the center of the Pergola, When any guest can come and take part in cooking. In this case, Hood Hang directly above the oven in the center of the roof or canopy.

Much easier to use a portable barbecue — It can be placed anywhere in the gazebo
  • Fireplace. Stove-fireplace more suited for private pavilions, to be used in winter. This fireplace differs little from the home fireplace.

The main element of the Pergola — Stone oven-fireplace
  • Grill. This option is becoming increasingly popular stoves, Since heat is served not only at the bottom, as in the case of the grill or BBQ, but top, Since it is equipped with a lid. The grill is always mobile designs, that represented in different shapes and sizes.

You can quickly and easily prepare meals on a two-tiered Grill with lid
  • Cauldron. For preparation of this Pilaf cauldron is commonly used, the oven has a rectangular shape with a circular hole at the top of the door for placement of the wood or other fuel on the side.

In the gazebo on the right is the kettle oven — with a hole at the top and bottom of the doors

Council! In the absence of experience and lack of time better purchase ready-made stove in the shop or order it from a master. Gazebo can be independently, and you can also seek help from professional builders.

Preparation for construction

Before you start building gazebos worth great attention to the preparatory work. This includes:

  • The choice of location for the construction of. Better pick up place, to Arbor proved to be far from home, but smoke from the furnace did not get there.

3D-project of construction of pergolas with oven
  • Preparation of the draft of the future resting places. It is necessary to take into account the landscape plot, wind rose (blank wall often establish there, whence blows the wind), dimensions Arbor, the number of family members, used the oven version and other details.

The draft settlement gazebos woodstove chimney

Council! Ready-made projects gazebos with barbecue facilities, barbecue and oven can be ordered in specialised firms, where will take into account all safety requirements and wishes of the customer. Carry out work on this project can be, and you can benefit from the same company.

Project corner location oven and Grill inside the gazebo
  • Based on the project are counting the right amount of construction materials and prepare the necessary tools to work. This will allow during construction are not distracted by finding and purchasing the right things.

Gazebo equipped with a modern Grill and comfortable seating area
Don't forget about the Interior of the pavilions — inside it should be comfortable and cozy

The main stages of construction

After all the preparatory work begins immediately the construction of gazebos with barbecue facilities, stove or barbecue. For any type of arbours and any furnaces construction stages usually are the same:

  • Site preparation for construction. Preparation includes removing topsoil.
  • Layout and construction of the Foundation. The Foundation can be column, If the build is running out of wood or metal, or tape, If you expect heavy brick construction.

Construction of foundations for future pavilions
  • Creating an armature or bearings. Vertically installed anchor posts, and then they are strapping (usually the top and bottom).

The construction of the frame and supports future pavilions

Construction of Mangala, stoves or other devices. If you decide to build the oven yourself, erect her from chamotte (refractory clay), stone or metal on the preliminary prepared scheme. If you intend to use the finished design, including mobile, immediately move to the next step.

Work on the construction of Mangala or oven better trust specialist
  • Creating a chimney. To display the combustion products to the outside, instead accumulated beneath the roof gazebos, made of bricks, another metal tin or need to make a chimney.

After the construction furnaces begins construction of chimney
  • Erection of roof. Depending on the chosen form of gazebos installed roof. In most cases all the work on preparation of the rafters are maintained on Earth, and then they are put on the basis. For the finishing of the roof can be used a variety of materials: tile, boards, plastic, etc..
  • Decorating gazebos. Design and decoration of buildings are the final stage of construction. At this stage, draw up the wall, Paul, railing, window, stage and produce other finishing works, project.

When a gazebo built — You can begin her finishing and decoration

When building with his own hands, It is important to take into account the, to a gazebo with a fireplace was as secure as possible. Sparks from a wind shall not be exposed to flammable items, the walls inside have to perform from materials, that does not melt from the heat, electric cable, If he provides a, must be placed in a special gofrošlang, etc.. All these points are worth considering for a further stage of the project preparation and detailed construction plan.

Combined gazebo of stone and wood
Inside the gazebo, you can organize a real mini kitchen

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