Wooden gazebos (65 Photo): cozy corner of relaxation — Design

Wooden gazebos (65 Photo): cozy corner of relaxation

Wooden gazebo — This is a great opportunity to summer or the warm autumn afternoon to get out of the House into the fresh air, in the bosom of nature.


On style Bowers are divided into:

  • Classic -severe forms of, observance of proportions
  • Oriental-an abundance of ornaments and carving, fancy shapes, lots of draperies
  • Victorian-massive, solid, with grills, on which drags bindweed
  • village -simple and unfussy forms, simple materials, roof Reed (straw)
  • the forest is made of coarse, almost rough (the crude) logs
  • Mediterranean -Open, light, slatted frame

To in the gazebo was cozy and not closely, It is necessary to correctly determine the size. For example, for relaxation 4 man (table, chairs, sofa) round gazebo should have a minimum diameter of 3 m. If you like privacy-choose gazebo-alcove, designed just for two.

The degree of closeness

According to the degree of closeness gazebos can be:

  • Open-purely summer version, are actually from sex and roof, plus a small frame, supporting roof. For more shade gazebo you can drape fabric or obsadit′ climbing plants
  • closed-they will be comfortable and in late autumn, and early winter. They resemble small glazed House or Pavilion. Sometimes they Additionally insulated, even set stove, heaters or fireplaces
  • semi-closed-protected from three sides, leaving the fourth side open
  • Pergola -lattice frame or big arch

Wooden gazebos — Photo

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