Terrace of polycarbonate, attached to the House (53 Photo): accommodations and main stages of construction — Design

Terrace of polycarbonate, attached to the House (53 Photo): accommodations and main stages of construction

Stylish terrace made of polycarbonate
Comfortable terrace near the swimming pool polycarbonate
Beautiful terrace of polycarbonate can become attractive and comfortable sequel home

Accommodations terraces made of polycarbonate

Terrace-playground, raised above the ground, with slats of the boards (her special varieties, called-terraced, It has a high resistance to atmospheric moisture-rain, Rosa, fog, etc.), less-from tiles, brick or stone. In its classic form-terrace is open area, but such a decision is justified only in southern, Yes and it is not always. That is why the more popular roof construction. Terrace roof of polycarbonate (cellular or monolithic) not only will serve as protection from the scorching summer sun, but will shelter from rain. For more northern regions more suitable variant with light walls of polycarbonate this winter terrace, as a buffer, provide extra protection from the cold.

Terrace with a roof of polycarbonate is a favorite pastime for the whole family
Terrace with a roof of polycarbonate not only protects from the Sun, but will shelter from rain

Getting started for the construction of terraces, It is worth to determine her location:

  • terrace at the entrance -very often arrange as part of terrace porch, near the main entrance

Polycarbonate roof terrace at the entrance of the House
  • terrace House -option, where you can get to the terrace from the living room or dining room. When sufficiently wide doors (as an option- folding glass door) terrace becomes an extension of the room and the convenient place for entertainment, dinners, meeting with friends

Option «terrace House» will be a continuation of the rooms, and a convenient place for entertainment, dinners, meetings with friends
  • terrace on the backside of the House -the place for solitude, relaxation and rest, where can I hide from prying eyes. If you can't find a completely secluded, closed place, then standing in the terraces make project "Privacy screen» — on the one hand to establish a light trellis-lattice, where land climbing plants, that will create impenetrable green wall

Terrace on the backside of the House — great place for solitude

Council! The terrace can accommodate near large trees or shrubs, some trees can become part of the terraces you can enable them in design flooring

A small terrace of polycarbonate is ideal for summer-plot
A cosy terrace with "Privacy" screen from plants
  • Sun terrace -established with the sunny side, It will be a pleasure to lie back on a sun lounger, taking Sun bath
  • terrace with barbecue (barbecue) -in this case, the terrace is well positioned, so it was a way out from the kitchen.

Barbecue terrace is perfect for spending time with friends and family
Terrace with a roof made of polycarbonate with access from the kitchen

When choosing the location of the terraces necessarily should be taken into account and the direction of the prevailing winds-the chilly winds blowing from all directions terrace hardly someone feels comfortable and cozy.

A wonderful terrace with a roof made of polycarbonate in the form of an arch
Terrace of polycarbonate allows to spend time outdoors in comfort

When this, When choosing a place for the terraces, It should be remembered, that it should strengthen and complement the general aesthetics of the Manor, consistent with the overall architectural style, rather than look foreign body.

Terrace of polycarbonate must follow a common architectural style

Canopy polycarbonate on the terrace: advantages and disadvantages of

In spite of the fact, that polycarbonate relatively recently became affordable for the mass market, It quickly became popular in the area of country and a country of individual building. Polycarbonate awnings for terraces and balconies, construction of greenhouses and greenhouses, various extensions, including porches-polycarbonate strengths make this solution cost-effective and easy to implement:

  • a small weight -for easy polycarbonate will not require massive Foundation (It is possible to manage column or tape), for the walls and roof would be sufficient light frame

The main advantages of polycarbonate are light weight and strength
Terraces made of polycarbonate quickly became popular in the area of country and a country of individual building
  • practicality -Polycarbonate 8 times stronger than glass, He's not beating, It's hard to break or scratch. It does not require care and long time retains its beauty and attractiveness, Therefore, the terrace of the polycarbonate would remain for many years the home decoration
  • flexibility -Polycarbonate has good ductility, allowing you to create curved surfaces without complications: arched roof, terraces of semicircular shape, etc..

Thanks to its unpretentious service, terrace of polycarbonate will serve as a home decoration many years
  • low fire danger -Polycarbonate properties refers to non-combustible, self-extinguishing materials, When it is melting does not stand out harmful toxic gases
  • good insulation properties -Polycarbonate, due to cell structure, perfectly suppress external sounds and serves as a good heat insulator. That is why a closed terrace of polycarbonate copes with this task in the winter climatic buffer.

Polycarbonate has a low požaroopastnost′
Polycarbonate terrace with beautiful views of the garden

Polycarbonate would require minimal maintenance, It must not be painted periodically — only, to it as long as possible to retain its attractiveness, It should be protected from scratches. In this regard, in summer (countryside) conditions of the main "enemy" polycarbonate become close-growing trees is that they, swaying in the wind, do not scratch polycarbonate, their branches should be pruned. In addition, sometimes with him need to wash away accumulated dust, using soapy water and a sponge (soft cloth), but in any case-detergents, containing solvents, alkali or acid.

Covered terrace with a roof of polycarbonate will enjoy spending time in the cold season

How to build a terrace made of polycarbonate: the main stages

Let's take a closer look at the main stages of the erection of the terraces.

The magnificent terrace of polycarbonate with sea view

Laying the foundations

The terrace can be integrated (in this case it is common ground with House, in this case, the design is more robust and thorough) and Newhouse "-in this case, a separate form the terrace bar or strip Foundation. In some cases, you can avoid the foundations-instead of concrete over the stack layer of sand, top-small gravel and concrete is already, stone or clinker tiles.

Built-in terrace has common ground with House
Sometimes in the construction of terraces made of polycarbonate are the Foundation

Construction flooring

The terrace floor can be different-tile, Stone, brick, but in most cases is a tree. Wood flooring tactile pleasing, You can walk on it barefoot, It is easy to care for, but that should be processed carefully a (impregnate) wood-even if there is a carport, It will inevitably be exposed to moisture, and in winter-snow. In addition, that water does not stagnate, boards stack loose, leaving gaps 2-3 mm. While under the Paul It is necessary to provide for drainage, that will divert the excess water, skaplivaûŝuûsâ after melting snow or rain.

As for terraces can be used various materials

Council! If the veranda slightly rises above the ground, the supports can choose not to install, and will be purely decorative function. If the height of the terraces above the ground exceeds 0, 5 m, Installing railings-the obligatory element, that will ensure the security of stay on the terrace.

A cosy terrace with wooden floors

The construction of the skeleton

The choice of material for a skeleton is largely determined by the architecture of the House. If you plan to attach to the veranda wooden house, It is advisable to use wooden beams and boards-this will help sustain a single architectural style. During the construction of roofs in the form of arch designs, frame domed roofs are gaining from aluminum (If you are planning a small, Lightweight construction) or steel (If you expected a large snow load). In the construction of terraces, with arched roof with large RADIUS, you will need to install additional supports and transverse ribs.

Metal frame construction for terraces made of polycarbonate

Council! When you create a metal frame for the roof over the terrace, to provide the necessary rigidity, supports desirable concreted at the stage of laying the Foundation.

Metal support frame preferably concreted terraces
A small terrace with a roof made of polycarbonate

The roof is made of polycarbonate

Step crates should leave a comment 60-70 see, in this case, you will be able to sustain great polycarbonate snow load. In addition, You should properly dispose of polycarbonate sheet-when installing pitched designs rib polycarbonate sheet is placed along a slope, and the arched design- Bend goes in the ribs.

Terrace with a roof made of polycarbonate in the style of modernism

When mounting the polycarbonate should take into account its thermal expansion-when heated, its linear dimensions can be increased at 3-4 mm, It is therefore necessary to provide for appropriate technological gaps-the bigger the plate length, the greater the gap it is necessary to provide.

In the construction of terraces with roof of polycarbonate should take into account its thermal expansion
Polycarbonate with stylish terrace sun loungers

Work with polycarbonate made easy, If you follow simple rules:

  • for cutting (cut) You must use carbonate sheet construction knife (for sheets with a thickness of less than 8 mm) and a circular saw (drive with toothed, suitable for any thickness sheets)

Terrace with a mobile roof of polycarbonate
  • cutting polycarbonate sheets carry out on a firm solid surface, cannot be cut short cab ride-when cutting sheet will strongly vibrate, as a result, the accuracy of the cutting line can be broken, and the edges are serrated slicer, jagged.
  • the holes in the sheet drill, using drills for metal. When the hole is placed between the ribs-this will provide a normal and stable condensate drain

Stylish terrace made of polycarbonate
  • to connect the individual sheets using special docking bars
  • fastening of sheets of polycarbonate to a skeleton carry out using self-tapping screws with termošajbami. Polycarbonate fastening rules are shown in the figure. 1 and 2

Rice. 1
Fig. 2 mounting bolts polycarbonate Rules

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