Wooden fences and railings for your home (50 Photo): spectacular lot protection — Design

Wooden fences and railings for your home (50 Photo): spectacular lot protection

Wood fence best complement the charm of natural materials in outdoor design
The design of modern wooden fences is very diverse, and often the emphasis is on visual impression
The most traditional type of wooden fence: neat painted wooden fences

Wooden fence: practical decoration for plot

Fences of wood can be considered a traditional option for our society. The abundance of wood and its cheapness allow you to use this stuff not even too wealthy people. And here's the tree in Western countries, on the contrary, is considered a sign of viability and success of the home owners or land. Such a fence today is not only the status, but the elegance, Ecology and modernity total style solutions.

In contemporary landscape design in the West when choosing fencing to plot a preference tree, While we as a material for spreading fencing got stone

Choice in favor of a fence made of wood is often based on one of the factors:

  • Environmental friendliness. In the modern age of technology, synthetic materials and contaminated the environment Wednesday, everyone tends to surround himself with maximize safe materials. Wood becomes the best solution for those, who cares about the health of their family members.

Of the advantages of wood as a material for lot fences — good sound absorption, But if you like metal fences, then you can select the combined option
One of the common ways of organising private space of the courtyard: the bottom of the wooden fence planks fitted tightly to each other, top — give a bilateral review
  • Ease of care. Wooden fence is the part of the household, that not only would not require special attention, It will feel like a creator in the process of care. Joinery skills will help replace the plate if necessary, and the ability to hold the brush will update the color of the fence and make it more elegant.

It is worth taking care of high-quality wood impregnation, and resistance to weather conditions a wooden fence is enough for many years
  • Beautiful wooden fences for houses and practical. Employees secure and weatherproof, and from prying eyes, such fences with proper care will last more than one year. The tree is thus a versatile material, that can be helpful in any situation: for example, as a fence for the yard, as the border between the holiday sites, as a separator zone garden.

FACT! In order for the, to the fence served as long as possible, choose maximum strong and reliable wood: for example, Oak, Ash, larch. It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of humidity and soil composition.

Popular today in landscape design acceptance: create to separate plot gabions (FR. gabion from Ital. gabbione — "big cage"), that look great in combination with wood
Transparent structures from wooden reek, that does not preclude bilateral review, but provide shade
  • Harmony-main, What distinguishes a wooden fence of metal or stone. Lively and pleasant material fits perfectly into the surrounding Wednesday, and if you have the skills the fence from him can be turned into a work of art.

More and more owners of estates opting for easy, natural and democratic landscape design, including wood fences, instead of stone or metal

Not less important factors, that should also be taken into account, are its relatively low cost (for example, in comparison with a similar product from a metal or brick) and easy installation. Protect this plot fence can be for a short time even without experienced craftsmen.

Wooden fence naturally completes the landscaping of the lot

Types and features of wooden fences

Choosing a wooden fence for private house, each owner is responsible for themselves the whole picture: exactly what fences accepted build, which ones are the most reliable, What is the cost of the erection of one or another type of fence. Specialists distinguish the following types of wooden fences, suitable for use as fencing:

  • Classic fence — This solid fabric, consisting of tightly fitting boards, that can be positioned as vertically, and horizontally. The classic version of the fence, you can strengthen the Foundation of bricks and stone, as well as using as his base the balusters from wood, metal or stone.

Natural drawing of wood not less handsome, than drawing on natural stone or artificial patterns
  • Palisade consists of vertically installed and tight fitting to each other logs. To guarantee maximum strength and durability of a log, we recommend that you install on the Foundation, rather than in soil. This kind of fencing looks quite aggressively and is suitable for the active protection of property against, What particularly contributed to sharp tops of logs.

Today have evolved greatly due to loss of stockades relevance aggressive type, and look lighter. They can be based on a metal or stone Foundation, and do not necessarily comply with the fit density logs
A wooden fence or fence from sharp and painted under colour pencils logs worshippers humor in design
  • Fence-traditional holiday option, that can be as easy, and maximum closed. This kind of fencing is often used not only as a protection, but as a decor for plot. Option "shahmatka", as one of the most common types of wood fences, enjoys great popularity due to its universality and practicality. Both sides of this fence is facial, that significantly increases its attractiveness, and securely anchored in staggered onto the base strips form a dense fabric.

Version of the wooden fence «Chess table» easy to create and very practical
In the chess figure, formed by the boards, enshrined with two parties beams-the basics, both sides are face to face

COUNCIL! Pickets can be extremely original and attractive fencing, because it allows you to choose the optimum picture, the distance between the strips and the top edge of the form.

Classic wooden fences are often used as a support for climbing plants or tall shrubs
Štaketnyj classic fence does not limit the ability of his self decoration. In the course you can take, for example, old wooden Windows, mirrors and stuff
  • Herringbone or ladder. Fence boards are mounted on top of each other horizontally, and the use of special seals provides excellent ventilation when fully opaque canvas.

Wooden fence construction «herringbone» or «ladder» allows many different designs with the persistence of small weight, ease of maintenance and practicality
  • The grille is considered the most decorative appearance of a fence. Located criss cross, at an angle 45 degrees, or twisted bars in classic frame for braids look almost a work of art. This type of fencing is often used as a support for pletuŝihsâ and climbing plants.

Fences in the form of wooden lattice, or so-called «plaiting materials», looks most decoratively
The combination of the two types of fences in one: «network» (decorative grille) and «Chess table» — front view from both sides, plus support for higher plants

COUNCIL! For giving such a fence more expressive appearance designers recommend the use of a combination of several arrangements of strips in one canvas.

  • A wooden fence in the style of a cowboy Ranch-just a specific type of fencing, that's more suited for the separation of territory or control access to a certain part of the plot of humans or animals. Horizontal bruski look exotic and are suitable for use on large areas.

Ranch fences virtually unfit to protect the plot from the outside, but for razgraničivaniâ very large areas fit well. In small areas can happily look mixed types of fences, for example, ranch-style fence, based on a stone Foundation

Installation and maintenance behind the fence of wood: the intricacies of the process

Among the people there is a perception of the complexity of the structures at the site of wood fences. That is why often owners do not think, How to make beautiful wooden fence with their hands, and prefer to refer to specialists. However,, with the right approach to the choice of technology and compliance with all building codes, the erection of a fence on its plot turns out to be not so difficult.

Wooden fence with metal inserts looks modern and durable in use: metal will not give him lose form

In the process of care for a wooden fence is the most important stage of pretreatment of wood. To preserve the natural color of the wood, It is necessary to varnish: in this case, the boards do not will darken from moisture. Special impregnation ensures protection fence from pests and rain, because they typically include insecticides and antifungal substance.

  • Construction of any fence, and wood including, starts with mounting bases. If necessary, assemble the Foundation or supporting columns are installed (get clogged or sit on a concrete base).
  • Then on the basis of the mounted boards, shaping body protections. The way their attachment depends on the type of fencing and the preferences of the builders. To received the fence was strengthened, experts recommend using metal corners and by him to strengthen boards or planks.

Special impregnation of wood will not let her lose color, as well as protect against mold, pests and weather conditions

Wood fence for out-of-town plot should be considered not only a way of protecting the territory of the, but stylish decorative detail. Natural beauty material, accented by stylish form, make a plot even more spectacular, a more rational approach to solving tasks and efficiently organize the landscape space.

Darkening nekrašenoe tree has its own chic, such fences look successfully in General country-style design

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