How to choose furniture for halls (65 Photo): style and comfort fashion environment — Design

How to choose furniture for halls (65 Photo): style and comfort fashion environment

Living room furniture arrangement takes into account natural lighting, the number of people in the family, and many other factors

Living room-home, a beautiful mejkapom will be upholstered furniture for halls, stylish and functional. To create a common Interior rooms for guests, many factors are taken into account: family composition, Arrange Windows, doors, number of dwellings and the role, assigned to the living room.

Contemporary fashion living room interior is holistic in compiling the suggests contrasts of textures and combinations
Stylish solution: sofa faux leather of various muted colors
Asymmetric composition living room upholstered furniture of smooth forms

To enable all the useful area of the Hall, designers zoniruût it on sites: reception area, work, holiday.

Interior modern living room should emphasize the character of the house owner, his views and mood. And be uninhibited-comfortable for guests. Join the taste of the owner with the comfort and helps a beautiful upholstered furniture for halls.

Bright accentual puffs and Chair yellow, Pink, Red, and any other bright colors freshen the contemporary living room in white
Scandinavian design rapidly gained popularity due to modularity, prevalence of raw natural textures and spontaneous combination of bright colours in accents
Bright textiles in upholstery never goes out of fashion

Furnishings solves all: upholstered furniture for halls

Style have contemporary interior of the Hall there are two strong rules, used by leading designers per cent in 90% cases. This monitor to view (It can become tv or a home theater system) armchairs and sofas with throughout their rich diversity. First place is selected under the couch and monitor, and then played out the balance of the rest of the songs. Main, to design of upholstered furniture for the Hall was:

  • Fashionable
  • Stylish
  • Functional
  • Correct in the color solution

Couch below the podium split-level living room — the perfect solution, allows you to sit with many guests
Arrangement of furniture in the living room can be built around the fireplace, While itself be sufficiently bright and eye-catching with deep rich
Black and white furniture: futuristic sofa and the legendary armchair by Gaetano Pesce

Fashion solves all

Fashion 2015 year dictates the combination of incongruous. Turn on your imagination, experiment! Designers have a unique style is considered a complete rejection of any type of furniture. Modern living room is a competent selection of furniture items individually and perfect combination.

Restrictions in the combination of different materials with modern trends do not suggest. Next, you can place the Velvet, skin, jeans, faded prints and clear patterns

A variety of materials for furniture is not restricted. You can combine a modern plastic and antique wood, cold metal and warm textiles, airy glass and natural stone.

The striking combination of white fabric, the bare brick and wood
Strict background tone trim and bright ethnic motives in upholstered furniture

Leather. Stylish, practical and luxurious. Designers are advised to use for living room leather furniture in shades of Brown, Black, Gray and cream. Particularly fashionable will be a combination of glossy and matte surfaces.

    • Èkokoža. In fashion includes furnishings of comfortable and attractive èkokoži. But, compared with natural material, èkokoža no different durability.

Black and white living room interior with elements of industrial style, built in a modern vein, but using aged materials
  • Fish skin. A novelty of this year in the Interior of upholstered furniture finishing fish skin. This is a very strong material, which can be painted in different shades.

Furniture, upholstered fish skin, easy to learn: such skin resembles a snake, and upholstery consists of individual uneven bands. Its color can be any, even the brightest

Tree. This preferred wood furniture for the living room. Perfection of nature has no equal. Raw fibres of wood under transparent varnish look particularly refined and touching.

Council! If you decide to stay on the natural tree, not perenasyŝajte this room bright colors-turn out tasteless and crudely.

Bright chairs and Footstools — perennials eclectic interior living room
Deep blue velvet upholstery — deservedly popular choice
In creating a coherent interior can help form geometric sofas, armchairs and poufs

Fabric. Ageless warm textiles always at the peak of popularity. Pleasant to the touch, with the variety of textures and finishes, fabric upholstery successfully fit into any interior living room.

Using white textile furniture creates interesting effects faded and pripylennoj environment
Designer sofa in the eclectic Interior neutral tones
English-style interior often implies selection of furniture, upholstered in a fabric with a floral pattern, cold or breaking over the background

Stylish solution of a cozy Hall

Immediately explain, How to arrange furniture in Small Hall. Central sofa best slide into the far corner, zoniruâ recreation area (When this maximum space saving). In the big Hall of the upholstered furniture is put in the Middle. If a sitting room combined with a kitchen-mebliruetsâ district of transition zones.

  • Modern. The nobility of the situation, that must be reserved, aptly accentuate leather corner sofa from valuable breeds of a tree. His exceptional would make a wall lined with wooden panels light hue, Golden textiles or Pearly tones and bright floor with good laminate.

Sofa, upholstered light cloth clean cool colors, leather chairs (they can be from completely different collections, It is even desirable) against the backdrop of bright finishing wall panels — modern vision of modernity
  • Minimalism. Self-contained soft sofa corner perfectly fit the company from coffee table small size and a few neat enhancements. The overall colour is desirable in a bright colour scheme. To get rid of some gloomy-use carpet catchy shade.

Minimalism allows naturalness and roughness of textures, upholstery from rough fabrics too legitimate
  • High-tech. Take the dark furniture with metal legs and place her in the Hall light tones. When the accent wall black and white photo or abstract paintings, the ceiling is the original backlight, and Paul stress the skin of an animal. Adds emphasis to the environment glass coffee table.

One of the main rules 2015 a year in the interior living room — the combination of a variety of colors, patterns, invoices, that goes beyond ready-made sets of furniture

Why do I need a living room

If you are a man and love collecting trip at home big groups of friends-corner upholstered furniture for halls, This is what the, what you need to. Equipped with a convenient tabletop, with a spacious inner space to store small things, soft sofa corner perfectly fit into any interior living room. Subject to certain rules:

  • Observe the dimensions of the Hall. For large rooms, choose solid, oversized sofa. It will be functional and cosy living room Center. For compact premises suitable laconic corner, raised near the wall. In a small living room chairs will look ridiculous (save them for the great room). For a small Hall buy small, cozy Ottomans.

Designer sofa asymmetrical shape, inspired by nature
  • Overnight options. Overnight? If you plan to use the living room under a bedroom, Choose a folding corner. At this point the attention to the mechanism of transformation. The most reliable are French eurofolder and sliding mechanism.

Large sofa, that is the best position in front of the tv unit, can become an additional berth
Modular sofas — a godsend to those cases, When you want the guests to sleep
  • Novelties of the season. For lovers of constant changes specially created modular furniture. Ottomans, sofas, chairs with rounded, futuristic forms create an unreal atmosphere of comfort and style. Very fashionable and popular furniture with reliefs. Relief coating will turn the living room (especially, If you use in Design 3D panels) in the original, exclusive art object.

Composition of radially located furniture you can highlight many things — round shape lamps, zoning of this corner for discussions and tea using the curtains of beads, etc..
Large modular all sofa — great idea for good cheer

Color dictates rules

Colours of upholstered furniture has an obligation to maintain harmonious common Hall Interior, but remember, that choosing furniture in bright, plain colours-you subscribe to regular, time-consuming its cleansing. So how to choose furniture for the Hall more efficiently? Designers distinguish several variants of color combinations for furnishing the living room.

To create a tranquil interior, serene mood:

  1. Monochrome. All the furniture is in the same colours to walls (varies only shade).

    Moroccan style seating corner, but in uncharacteristic for this style colors — Ivory and white, almost monochrome
  2. Neutral. The walls of the living room and soft furnishings were chosen in different shades of one color gamut (use neutral colors: grey-beige, black and white).

    Neutral style will not look boring, If there is no shortage of natural lighting
  3. Naturalness. All upholstered furniture in shades of natural essence (palette of beige, White, Brown, Gray). When this situation vividly underscores the more intense background matching bright colour.

    Natural shades of Brown, Gray, dull-blue — are no-regret ' and as a standalone version, and as a backdrop to catchy accents

Fans of bright, the active and exciting design:

  1. Dynamics. Defiant tones of furniture surrounded by more quiet and restful background (Yellow, clear Red on gray background).
    A single bright red accent on black and white background always looks interesting. Such an emphasis could make sofa media zone

    The combination of bright yellow and gray color scheme, šeršavogo natural stone and smooth skin always attracts attention
  2. Energy. One of the most complex, but the most interesting combinations-combination of expressive and catchy hues (Orange with intense green or deep red with blue).

    The color electric blue in upholstery sofas, selected one of the living room accents

Council! Do not let the sameness in shade walls and furniture. Excellent reception in design-inversion (curl) Kohler: for example, the dark walls with light pattern you select bright furnishings with dark ornament and vice versa. But both dark shades bright/must be identical.

A separate theme — kitsch in the Interior. Using a combination of incongruous elements, individual fanciful accessories and Interior objects you can create absolutely unique style
Comfortable sofa bed for two in the classical style with velvet upholstery pale-pink
Set of couches and chairs shaped salmon color
In the living room you can not limit yourself in combination of different contrasting colors: White, Deep Purple, Accessories red, bright orange and any other colors

Listen to a few of the recommendations on the choice of a soft couch for your living room:

Cozy you Hall!

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