Tv on the wall in the Interior (45 Photo): harmonious accommodation — Design

Tv on the wall in the Interior (45 Photo): harmonious accommodation

Tidy niche in the Interior — for the tv and shelves
Wall mounted tv in the living room — for evening get-togethers with the whole family
Wall with a plasma panel is highlighted in color and texture

How to hang the tv on the wall: basic rules

Mount the tv to the wall helps to save space, adding space to a premise, delivering him from bulky racks or Tv cupboards. But hang the tv on the wall where the harder, than a mirror or picture.

First of all, You should decide on the spot, where would a tv:

  • the main criterion is the installation height, ideal-when the geometric center of the tv is exactly opposite to the level of the eye of the beholder. This arrangement ensures the best quality perception of pictures. So you should definitely take into account the height sofa (chairs) -higher than they, the higher the, Accordingly,, There must be a tv
  • quality wall: tv-device hard enough, simple plaster wall simply will not stand 25-35 kg. Therefore optimally strengthen the bracket to a concrete or brick wall. Otherwise,, When installing drywall, even at the stage of design, It should be clear, where exactly will be hanged tv. Then this place is further strengthened (thick plywood, mortgages), and for installation on Sheetrock are special dowels
  • avoid heat: tv should not be placed near heating devices (radiators) or places, where direct sunlight falls
  • gap: "tv on the wall," this does not mean, that it should closely adjoin to a wall, as an option-smack in the niche (between shelves). From all sides, as well as the rear should be a backlash (minimum 10 see), which will provide ventilation and cooling of the tv. If the LCD Panel is not so critical, the plasma panels emit a lot of heat

Addressing the issue, where tv mounted on a wall, immediately stands to determine, What additional equipment (video game console, DVD player, speakers, cable tv or Internet) will connect. On the one hand, you will need to install the necessary number of outlets, on the other hand, address the issue of concealed cable management

TV is framed by the frame in the same style with finished walls
Tv on the wall — a mandatory attribute of modern living room
Original design shower walls
Plasma display panel + storage shelves — functional and elegant
Niche furniture can accommodate any, even the most dimensional wall-mounted tv

How to decorate a wall under the tv in the living room: Select options

There are several techniques, that will harmonize the tv and space (Wall), on which it is located:

  • tv, built-in furniture-modular furniture manufacturers often provide a place for tv installation. This tv can be provided for two types of mounts directly on the wall or on the back (background) Panel furniture. Quite often under the shower takes a place on Center, in the middle of the rectangle, which form the high side cabinets, the top shelf and bottom cupboard. Especially looks winnable version with dark furniture, When the tv gets not just a decent frame, and becoming part of the furniture, so space becomes one, Capless

Convenient and functional solution — screen built-in furniture
  • install tv to wall plastic Panel, skin, wood or fabric

Screen is located on the wooden panel — contrasting stain in the living room
  • quite often the tv is placed on the background of the decorative facing of artificial (less often — natural) textured stone or brick

Elegant reception — Wall, on the monitor, facing brick
  • If the living room is in bright colours, in the Interior the tv will look like big black blot. As much as possible to reverse this imbalance, change the wall color, where is the tv. For this purpose apply complementary (contrasting) color compared to those, where executed interior design. If the same room all in one range, in this case the wall secrete shade, which three tones will darken the foreground color

Part of the wall, designed to accommodate TV, is dyed in rich blue color
  • elegantly fit into the interior living room tv, surrounded by pictures (Photo) in thin part-creates a composition, will TV Centre. It is important to be able to withstand the largest size painting (picture) must not exceed the size of half of tv screen. To balance the space, under the tv good will accommodate large Cabinet or chest of drawers. Together with paintings and photographs you can use and small hanging sculptures or bas-reliefs

Tv in the Centre of the wall paintings — the original sparkle in the bedroom
  • inside a decorative wood frame, foam or polyurethane. This frame can a significant portion of the wall framing, and tv plus 20-30 see perimeter wall tv. When this the wallpaper in the living room can remain the same, like all over the wall, and you can use more contrasting wallpaper option, different color or texture

TV is framed by the frame — «picture» changes every day
  • original version will look like, in which area of the tv merged with several rows of hanging shelves. Shelves can beautify your photos, souvenirs and trinkets, but don't overdo it, otherwise, when you view the look will be inadvertently distracted by them. Plasma display panel will look good in the midst of compositions from the bookshelves, located symmetrically around it

TV surrounded by hanging shelves — practical reception in living room
  • shower niche, created from drywall. Form, size and geometry depends on the niche of the overall design. This niche can become the center of the whole composition, that replaces the traditional cabinets and shelving, other niche you can decorate a tree or mirrors, highlight, close the door of glass

Monitor tv and fireplace are drowned in niche — sleek minimalist reception

Tv on a rack under the equipment-in this case, you can place as much as tv, and a significant amount of equipment (satellite TV receivers, DVD players, speakers, etc.). Depending on the model, construction can be a turning, and with a hard pinning tv.

Tv VS fireplace

In the doèlektričeskuû era fireplace was the main dominant living room, her King, a kind of prototype of tv-in a rectangular screen played flame, on which, as it known, You can watch endlessly. In a modern interior with a fireplace and tv-evil antagonists, fighting for the lead role in a room, Drag the attention on yourself. The best option is to divide the living room into two zones, separating the fireplace and tv on the opposite walls, upholstered furniture (sofa) indicates the border.

A controversial option-position the tv above the fireplace. In this case, the screen is much above eye level, which means comfortable viewing doesn't work. So the question should be considered at the stage of planning.

Fireplace and tv zone visually separated from each other using finishing
Good neighborhood and monitor tv in living room
Wall decoration with a fireplace and a TV made in the same style
Fireplace is located in the corner, still giving television Championship
TV and fireplace are located on different walls

Custom interiors

Carved furniture of expensive and rare species, gilding, stucco, heavy velvet curtains, massive chandeliers, Flemish lace-and amidst all this pomp Classic style, sharp, as toothache, discord will look anthracite black box tv. A half-hearted solution is to place the tv in a wooden frame (or polyurethane moldings). Much easier is to hang the tv and obscure (hide) his. For example, mobile screen or tapestry. Or just hide behind door a small tv wall cabinet.

In a classical setting harmoniously will look tv, framed picture frame
TV merges with dark trim lugs in the living room
If you turn off the tv — on the wall is formed by a fun «splat»
Black tv set on a background of black furniture — and technology does not spoil the classics
Tv in the nursery is disguised as a toy-Zebra

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