Decorating the balconies inside (45 Photo): a variety of options — Design

Decorating the balconies inside (45 Photo): a variety of options

In modern apartments balcony, air conditioning often plays the role of a full room. His glaze, insulated and make out a variety of finishing materials. Besides the main advantages and disadvantages of finish options worth considering, how they are suitable for use on the balcony, It's often cold room small square. Let's take a look at, What materials are recommended for finishing balconies and loggias, will weigh their pros and cons in terms of usability and design.


If you plan to use the balcony to conduct light meals outdoors, choose as a finish wooden battens. This natural eco-friendly material, its color and texture will create the atmosphere of country terraces. Quality wooden lining is easy to install, its elements are equipped with special grooves, Thanks to which material forms a level surface without cracks. Will not create difficulties and repair such coverage, you can replace only the damaged part, do not dismantle all remaining. Lining of pine or spruce-budget option, and if you are interested in the durability of finish, choose Oak, Lipu or Aspen.


This material is usually chosen in case, If the surface is not very smooth. Sheets drywall attached to a skeleton of metal corners, and in the space between the plasterboard and Wall insulation is placed. For balcony it is better to choose a type of moisture-resistant drywall. Material externally weak, Therefore, the finished structure paint, Paste wallpaper or put decorative plaster. Installation of drywall, you can successfully run independently, and its price is readily available.


Stove MDF is the pressed Panel from dry wood fibres, coated with PVC film. Thanks to the options colors and textures the film MDF look very aesthetically pleasing. This material possesses an enviable warm- and noise insulation, installation is quick and easy, the process of cleaning the panels when coating also does not cause discomfort. More durable MDF, than natural wood, and is cheaper. Now for the cons is flammability and susceptibility to moisture, as well as lack of strength.

Vinyl siding

Elements of this coverage similar to wooden clapboard-they have the same shape and grooves for lasting connections with each other and comfortable mounting. Sometimes the Panel siding even paint under the tree, Although there are a wide variety of available colors. However, vinyl siding dramatically WINS on practical properties-it is not flammable, simple and durable. About resistance to precipitation and temperature extremes to worry not worth-siding commonly used for external furnish of houses and cottages.


About plastic panels as a finishing material for balconies there are different opinions. Among the pros note moisture resistance, light weight and ease of installation. Advantage is also a wide choice of colours. But the main drawback of stands the fragility of the toolbars. At low temperatures, plastic sheets are able to crack and deform. Therefore, if you choose plastic for finishing balconies, room worth carefully insulate. Also plastic may not be able to withstand being hit with a heavy object, This is an important point for families with young children.


Cork -quite a popular finishing material, produced in the form of sheets of shredded and compressed cork tree bark, covered with veneer. In contrast to the wood stopper does not require regular processing, saves a wonderful microclimate indoors, suitable for people with respiratory problems and allergies. Cork is lightweight ((a), means, the material is easy to install), does not absorb odours and no light. Cork layer perfectly retain the heat and will relieve the owners of flats of extraneous sounds.

Ceramic tile

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The main advantage can be called hygiene such coverage, because tile easy to wash, It withstands even aggressive means of household chemistry. You want to say and the highest decorative properties of ceramic coating-a variety of colors, style and aesthetics allow you to create a delightful Interior. Tile is a pretty solid, resistant to cold., moisture, fire, exceptionally durable, as well as environmentally safe. However, for decoration floors It is better not to use a ceramic coating. Tile is always cold to the touch and may be slippery, that is especially dangerous when the nezasteklennom balcony.


Stone finish in the Interior is always impressive and presentable. Stone unpretentious, is wear-resistant and durable. But for finishing balconies natural stone it is strictly forbidden to use the impressive weight of the material. Although the Loggia that option is appropriate. Take a look at the artificial analogues-not only are they easier to, but cheaper.

Remember-not necessarily arrange wall, Paul and ceiling same material. Based on the characteristics of the proposed finish options, choose the most suitable combinations and create unique and practical composition.

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