Nurseries for girls: 100 Photo incarnations pink dreams — Design

Nurseries for girls: 100 Photo incarnations pink dreams

Registration child's room — joy for the whole family. Want to organize Interior not only beautiful, but practical? Then you need the main motive is the central idea, which thread beads as will nanizyvat′sâ you invented details finishing. 5 our "foundations" will help you decide when you create the room for girls.

When the fairy tale comes to life

Every girl is a Princess. And where live Princess? Correctly: в фантастическом мире сказок.

The Magic Castle is not the only option of disguise young lady room. Princess 21 century dream a lot about: try on the role of Superman, Immerse yourself in the underwater Kingdom of mermaids, ride on Red Ferrari or fly on a rocket in a dream.

Where does childhood go?

Carefree child cannot sink into oblivion: It remains forever with us.

Echoes of childhood dreams little mečtatel′nicy will revitalize the circus tent above bed, swing, huge Teddy bear, cozy Dollhouse or bright pink Interior gamma nursery.

For ages

Practical parents prefer to create interior child, that will be equally as relevant to early school age, and for the period of maturation. Discreet Classic is exactly what the, what you need to, If you hold the same views.

Practicality above all

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Even among mul′tâšnosti and fabulousness you can find a place sound grains.

House-Regiment for Carnets, little table and compact, but roomy chest of drawers, elements Cabinet younger business Lady, bunk cot — комната для девочки может гармонично соединять в себе красоту и функциональность.

High fashion from an early age

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Subtle taste and sense style It is possible and necessary to inculcate. If the baby's room a little Fashionista will be bright and stylish, the chances to bring up the star of the podium are increasing.

Nurseries for girls — video

Nurseries for girls — Photo

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