Immersion Blender: What better to choose, the function and value of — Design

Immersion Blender: What better to choose, the function and value of

Comparing, which Blender is best-submersible or stationary, You should consider, that despite the similarity of functions, These are two quite different device. First of all, immersion Blender is effective and indispensable, If we are talking about cooking small portions, for example, When you want to quickly prepare a puree or mince mince on 2-3 meatballs. But when it comes to a few kilograms, something here does not dispense with the meat mincer.

Immersion Blender reliable Assistant, greatly facilitates daily kitchen work

Immersion Blender is very compact, it easy to assemble/disassemble, Quick wash, but he has substantial limitations on uptime-therefore it is worth to examine carefully the instruction. Otherwise, the engine will overheat and can burn. If short-this is a very handy device for everyday short use, and very small dimensions allow you to keep it always with you.

Stunning cream — soup cooked by using an immersion Blender

Immersion Blender: How to choose properly

The main element of Blender — high-speed motor, located in the handle, It is through the special adapter and mount operates different removable attachments-grinding knife, graters, whisk, etc..

Immersion Blender — inexpensive, practical and convenient accessory, with the help of which you without problems make vegetable puree, soups, sauces, creams or mousses

Main parameter when choosing a blender-capacity submersible. Low-power (before 250 W) models are able to cope only with very soft foods-bananas, tomatoes, their power is enough, to make baby puree of cooked vegetables. Secondary devices (from 250 before 600 W) capacity to cope with frozen vegetables and meat nežilistym. True, mince in quality will be worse, than meat grinder, but for making meatballs is quite suitable. Powerful (650-100 W) blenderu for «teeth» ice, You can use it to grind solid products (coffee, nuts, frozen fruits). And with the help of heavy-duty, more 1000 W, models can be even knead dough.

Some blenders do homogeneous and mince meat chop solid ingredients-ice, cheese, carrot, raw potatoes, nuts

There are still a few moments, to which you should pay attention:

  • «foot» — the main element (nozzle) Blender, his submersible part, long nozzle with a small recess at the end of, hosts knives. Can be metal or plastic. Plastic is easier and cheaper, but will serve much less, begins to darken after a year and a half, "afraid" of boiled water. Metal-more expensive, but it is much stronger and more durable, the same preferred in hygienic terms

The main advantage of immersion blenders-small weight and size
  • number of speeds than their more, the more precisely you can adjust the Blender to work with each type of products. For example, When grinding the meat begin with low speed, It gradually increasing. Can be stepped (a fixed number of speeds, optimally-more 5) or smooth switching (more convenient, allows much more accurate set speed depending on the condition of the product)

Having multiple speeds allow you to choose the most convenient for each product option
  • cord length is a very important parameter for immersion Blender, After all, you have to work with it in your hands, Therefore, the cord should provide sufficient degrees of freedom. Model with cord-less 1 m uncomfortable, for them have to buy power strip. Optimal length-from 1, 5 m, Thus it is not necessary to be afraid of patterns with a very long cord-they either automatically coiled inside pens, or have a special mount

Be sure to pay attention to the length of the cord
Submersible models can be used in any capacity the right size
  • Wireless models operate on battery power, that ensures complete freedom of movement. But their drawback is that they are low-power, a built-in battery capacity enough for just half an hour of active work. After requiring hours 3 at its charge

Most blenders are fed from the mains via the, but there are wireless models, running on batteries
  • rubberized handle is very handy, especially when you work with wet hands, When possible, that is constantly vibrating device to slip from your hands and break.

Material strength depends on the nozzles, their durability, ability to work with hot food and, Of course, the appearance of the

Separately it is necessary to stay on the nozzles:

  • Whisk beaters-there are two kinds of. Guttate-for beating eggs and liquid test, spiral-with thicker wire, to work with a thick batter

Compared with stationary models, submersible power blenders less
  • Chopper Bowl-capacity (glass) with lid from 0,35-2 l, Although most often 0,5-0,6 l. Thereto included go discs for cutting, graters (several species of large, average, little), nozzles-knives for mixing and grinding. This allows you to turn an ordinary Cup handblender is actually in full a food processor

Blender is ideal for chopping and mixing of products in small quantities
  • grinder-this is usually a small bowl, at the bottom of the knife. It is used for grinding small portions of solid products-sugar powder, pepper, breadcrumbs or coffee.

Council! If you have a coffee grinder, the mill will redundant-quality she grinding usually worse, but its presence significantly increases the price.

  • the vacuum pump is used for pumping the air with their special vacuum containers, This allows you to extend the shelf life of products several times, and when frozen vegetables/fruit-remove air, making a significantly smaller package

Immersion blender with a glass or plastic bowl included saves you from having to select each time utensils to work

In addition, scope of delivery may include measuring cup (almost always), wall mount or stand, where you can place your compact attachments, they were always at hand.

Council!Before you buy a blender, hold it in my hands. It should not be too heavy, because it will have to sometimes keep long enough. And most importantly-it should be a keep.

With rubberized handle Blender not being rolled, even if your hands are in hot oil or fat

Immersion blenders: rating of the best models

For our rating from many models, on the market, We have chosen those, that deserve the greatest accolades in their price categories.

1. Braun MQ 775

The best immersion Blender in our ranking. Powerful enough- 750 W, with a capacious Bowl on 1, 5 l, with shredder, attachments for shredding and graters, Whisk for whipping and even dough hook Braun handblender MQ 775 will be a worthy alternative to the kitchen unit, While taking up less space. Interesting speed control system implemented is the more pressing the large button, conveniently located under your fingers, the higher speed. Special lock prevents accidental inclusion. An alternative would be Braun MQ 745 or Braun MQ 745.

Price- 5300 – 11500 Br


Yuliya Vladimirovna:

"A great Blender, especially like his submersible part, knives are closed kolokolopodobnym extension, Therefore, when grinding products do not fly all over the glass. All, I see, that, in addition to part with engine, can be washed in the dishwasher. "


"Smart, Compact, copes, attachments vary per second. Only grating nozzle is lower-so not all product you can grate, remain quite large pieces. "


Plastic holders for discs-just chilling, very fragile. "

Initially, Blender rednaznačalsâ for cocktails and shakes

2. Bosch MSM 6B700

Compact, powerful enough (350 W), immersion Blender Bosch MSM 6B700 has a specially designed ergonomic handle, Therefore, the ideal would be the hand. That, together with low weight-total 900 g lets you work with him effortlessly. Dip part-metal, high tensile steel "knives". Separately worth noting Bowl chopper, at the bottom of which there is a special Velcro, tightly locking the Bowl while you work on your work surface. Due to the fact, that the Bowl does not have to hold, one hand remains free, which means you can get the job done faster.

Price — 2 182 before 4308 Br



«The perfect Assistant, Since it is easy and quick to cook mashed potatoes, Smoothie, cocktails, fruit drinks. I fully appreciated it, When we have a baby, no need for bulky food processor in a small cup, you can prepare a small portion just for baby. And then wash very little ware. "


«Not enough power, with meat fillet copes, But if its good clean. Like a Nimbus-wire good, thick. "


«The main drawback is just one speed, There is no possibility to adjust. Plastic Shredder fragile. "

Lovers of reliability and quality from Bosch recommend MSM model 6700, MSM 6B300 or MSM 87165

Handblender is useful for making baby or diet

3. Philips Avance HR1669

This model drew attention for several reasons. The first is a good power- 750 W, and switch on 20 position allows you to fully realize the torque of the engine, seamlessly picking up speed. The second disc of the float/shredding one-piece metal-its reliability at times superior options with elements, inserted into the plastic holder. The third special nozzle, providing meats into cubes, just for lovers salad Olivier, okroshka soup or vinaigrette. Oh and a knife with a special titanium coating and hook attachment, knead dough is dense allows.

Price- 10 900 — 16 290 Br



«Philips handblender is best friend to lovers of cooking quickly. Excellent model, especially like the sliced into cubes, all very quickly. Easy to clean parts, There is no complex places, where bits of food you should pick out virtually a toothpick. "


"First of all, where the corolla? Yes, Philips offers a variety of accessories and can be purchased separately, but still would like to have it in basic configuration. So when you look at the price, mentally add another and cost of nozzles, that will have to buy. Be careful, not worth the clean nozzle for dicing hands-it is very very urgent, easy to cut yourself, There's a kit has a special thing for this. "

Modern models successfully combine many functions

4. Scarlett IS-HB44K01

Immersion Blender Scarlett IS-HB44K01 is able to compete with their more "famous" brand analogues. Of course, costs, he breaks out of the budget segment, but there are very, very good reason. Namely, its parameters, It is the most powerful immersion Blender in our review- 1200 W. However, a large (2 l) Bowl-chopper he would become a good alternative to the stationary models. Many nozzles, plus a very important for us-cutting cubes.

Price 5490 – 6500 Br



"For a price-very good. Good spacious capacity, for Borsch can be cut all vegetables. Big plus-rubberized grip, It's good to keep even with wet hands. Meat grind well, no worse, than slice and dice. "


«Whisk, more precisely, wire-hlipkovata, easy to bend, could be thicker and put. The rubber bowl base, very convenient, pressed-and non-slip even on wet countertop. "

Stepani village:

«Broken float, find a replacement-the problem. It might be worthwhile to consider such a question, where and how to store the attachment. "

Using an immersion Blender you for a couple of minutes to cook delicious and nutritious breakfast

5. Polaris PHB 0711L

Immersion Blender Polaris PHB 0711L-option for those, who does not agree to overpay for brand and get functional device with the minimum set of features: submersible shredder, Whisk, Chopper/grater. Good power- 750 W, two speed (mechanical switching), Chopper volume 0, 5 l.

Price- 2470 – 3400 Br



"We have a large food processor, powerful, with a variety of nozzles, This bought, When the child. Very convenient, When you have to cook small portions. On its costs fully met expectations. "


"Not very comfortable dress up nozzles, Sometimes it is necessary to slightly dokručivat′ gears, attachment to "the village". Drawback-plastic gears, to wear out very quickly. "

Immersion Blender is easy to wash and dry, and it takes quite a bit of space in the kitchen

6. VITEK VT-1456

One of the most attractive options in the budget segment. Immersion Blender Vitek VT-1456 is suitable for a small family, comes with metal feet with knives, Whisk beater and Bowl-grinder (0,2l), thick glass (0,6l). Don't expect to cook with it, stuffing, power (250 W) enough for mashing, Smoothie or fruit drinks.

Price- 2225 – 2950 Br



«Very convenient, What is stand, that can be mounted on a wall-all nozzles are compactly stored in one place. Easy, quiet, available. "


«Worth a read statement, so clear-continuous work no more 1 minutes, then 5 minutes break, then it will not overheat. At this price it is very rarely seen the metal Blender "foot". But the power would like more, but for cocktails and soups is enough. "

Blender — a modernized version of a Shaker, that will allow you to become a bartender

Learn more about submersible blenderah, features of their work and compare models from leading manufacturers-see video

Immersion Blender — Photo

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