Kitchen bar stools (56 Photo): piece of furniture and stylish interior — Design

Kitchen bar stools (56 Photo): piece of furniture and stylish interior

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Advantages of bar stools

Why bar stools for home so popular and what role they play in the Interior? Obviously, they will not fit under normal dining table, but this is not required from them. Kitchen bar stools are produced exclusively under bar counters. The bar itself helps correct and interesting zonirovat a premise, and chairs serve a practical complement to her.

Wooden bar stools with a natural wood pattern
Bar stools with backrest and seat, upholstered in purple cloth

The advantages of using bar stools in the Interior include the, that they are ergonomic. High, with compact seats and backs, they do not take up much space and are ideal for small kitchens. In the comfort operation include and adjustable height Chair, This function is provided for in many models products. Decorated bar and chairs kitchen interior looks spectacularly and fashionable.

Metal bar stools with seat height adjustment
Pink plastic bar chairs


Diversity Chair for the bar in terms of geometric silhouette, does not have. Its design is based on four criteria-height, the presence or absence of the backrest, the shape of the seats and the number of legs. Such parameters shared by all manufacturers, producing stools. A small digression was in side exploitation facilities, When we offer folding model.

Folding bar stools
Yellow stools with wooden sideâmi

From the technical side chairs are divided into high and low. The following parameter, included in feature articles, the number of legs. One leg is the classic version. Chairs of the Framework type are equipped with two legs, There are models and with three legs. The most durable chairs are manufactured with four legs. And, Finally, one leg, but the rotating.

Turquoise bar stools on three legs
Wooden three-legged bar stools
Bar stools on one leg

Distinguish between bar stools and seats. In this regard, the user gets a round, square or rectangular seat. In addition, You can come across stools with backrest and without it.

Metal bar stools with round seats
Metal bar stools with rectangular concave seats

Another story-the lineup. It fantasy designers limitless, starting from the materials and finishing colours.

Bar stools with transparent plastic seats and backs
Metal bar stools blue


Today in the market are wood bar stools, metal, plastic, Wicker and a combination of two materials. Let's look at each type of.

Wooden chairs are made of different Woods: Beech, Apple tree, Wenge, chestnut, Oak, light and dark shades. Such models look richly, but may not be suitable for every style. The elegant bar stools for kitchen from wood are ethno, acceptable to the classics, in light rustic style. Are expensive, so you can choose the cheaper option, which metal legs combined with wooden seat.

Wooden bar stools with curved legs
Wooden bar stools color Wenge

Metal models especially well represented in stores. Democratic metal and chrome performance, and in forging, aluminium and fits easily into any style. Such models are durable and ergonomically designed, resistant to mechanical damage and serve as long. One drawback is weight. However, and here there is an alternative, aluminium chairs.

Metal bar stools with lattice headboards
Metal bar stools with seat height adjustment

Plastic products are in demand among young people. Made from durable and practical plastic, different wide color range, Lightweight and durable enough. Because barstools a priori do not imply a long sitting on them, then and for the rest they are not suitable. Unfortunately, plastic chairs are short-lived, but the disadvantage is offset by a price accessible to all.

Purple plastic bar chairs
Plastic transparent chairs with white seats and backs
White plastic bar chairs

Wicker model refer to the elite furniture, are expensive, look chic. Are made of natural or artificial rattan. In terms of design, there are no restrictions, masters can weave any shape and design. Cost a lot, but its price justify, as durable, environmentally friendly and prestigious look.

Weaving stools with seats and backs in white-blue striped
Weaving stools with seat and backrest yacht

Design features

Choosing bar stools, It is important to provide user-friendliness. All comfort options built into product designs. Obviously, that model with back more convenient, than without it. Your goal is sustainability-take a look at the models on four legs. If you are a lover of frequently hosting friends, grab your chairs with height adjustment, then each of your guests are ensured a comfortable stay near the bar counter.

Metal bar stools on one leg with adjustable height
Bar stools on one leg with red seats and backs

For a small kitchen suitable low plastic models with minimalist design, without backrest, on one leg and with a round seat. In kitchen Studio, equipped stand, exceptional fit bar stools with backrest, with three or four feet, made of metal.

Black bar stools in the kitchen white

Council! Remember, the smaller seat area, so neudobnee sitting on a Chair. Relate own dimensions with the model selected, think about households, and friends.

Wooden bar stool with a small seat
Bar chairs with armrests and large seats

Another important detail bar stools it is tripping. Function details obviously, and here is its form and size affect the artistic image of the product. So, u Chair with four legs, she serves not only as a footrest, but also strengthens the sustainability model.

Metal bar stools with leather back and seat

Produced models and with armrests. Often they can be found in wooden and wicker options. Armrests significantly improve facilities for accommodation on a Chair. Use the bar as a member of a zoning space, and of the chairs need not always, Choose a folding options.

Bar chairs with armrests

Bar stool height depends on the height of the bar counter. The options are as follows: rack 100 cm-Chair 70 see, rack 130 cm-Chair 100 see. In view of the, that manufacturers offer racks and 95 see, look for chairs 60-65 cm tall.

Wooden bar stools with metal backup

And most, should pay particular attention, This Chair base. If it's legs, they should be equipped with rubber nozzles. In models with one leg base is solid detail of round or square shape. In models, made of metal pipe, the base serves as a curved frame.

Black odd-shaped bar stools

Color and style

In style stick drawing of Interior and the General requirements of the genre. For the classics and ethniki, in modernity and Provence use wooden bar stools. Minimalism and high-tech require flexible and glossy plastic. This suit and transparent bar stools, without bright design, but giving interior lightness. Modern mahovskij it is impossible to imagine without metal, and it means, and chairs take on metal frame.

Bar stools in the minimalist kitchen
Bar stools in the kitchen, done in the style of an English pub

Regarding the colour simple and obvious. Plastic models are presented in all colors of the Rainbow, go ahead, combine, pick up those, that seamlessly complement your interior. In wooden and metal palette selection models, not so great, but color can be beat through seats.

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