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50+ Blue kitchen ideas: Secrets of design and photo

Bright kitchen blue color
Gray-blue palette of colors in the kitchen
Bright kitchen with major appliances blue

Characteristics of color

Blue refers to the cold colours, so its use is particularly important for small spaces, because it visually expands the. If the Windows face South, South-Western and South-Eastern sides, You can boldly painted walls in the azure color. For premises, that go north, It is recommended to use warm colours in the Interior. Known, that all the colours have different effects on human physiology. The color blue is soothing, refreshing, reduces stress, has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of the person and creates a relaxing atmosphere. For those, who wants to lose weight, Blue kitchen-the perfect solution, t. to. This color helps to reduce appetite.

Council! If your kitchen located on the north side, but you still dream decorate it in blue, You can use this color for decorative elements. Completely blue walls or curtains in this case will make the lacking comfort cuisine.

Stylish white kitchen with blue walls and light blue ceiling
Blue kitchen eclectic style with unusual lighting

Preparation of color combinations and photo-examples

When you create a kitchen design you can actively apply the following shades of blue:

  • Azure;
  • cornflower blue;
  • light sky blue;
  • Ultramarine;
  • Turquoise etc.

Blue color goes well with many colors. However, due to the fact, He refers to the cold colours, its better to complement the warm shades, for example, cream, dairy, Yellow etc. Especially beautiful looks and stylish kitchen design-white, grey- or Brown-Blue.

Classic white-blue cuisine is presented in the photo below. Light cream tiles on the floor, Multilevel ceiling white, light translucent white curtains and fresh flowers create a feeling of airiness and lightness.

Modern white-blue kitchen
Blue white kitchen furniture

The combination of brown color with blue associated with the coziness and comfort. Brown-blue gamma is the ideal solution for kitchen design.

Light blue with a dark brown kitchen countertops and chairs
Kitchen with island turquoise sweetheart

And blue-gray interior allows you to connect a bright accents of decor with traditional premises. Through gray-blue background kitchen seems bigger and roomier. As a floor covering is used light tile.

Blue furniture and grey-beige-toned wooden panelling in the kitchen
The contrast of azure blue and gray furniture

Very beautiful and unusual looks like a combination of pale yellow with blue. Safely use a yellow or gold accessories (headlamps, tableware, the apron over the working surface etc.). They will create a sunny and pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

The combination of pale yellow and pale blue colors suitable for traditional cuisine
Bright colored eclectic style kitchen

Green-Blue combination will create in the kitchen a real fairy tale. Background in this case, it is recommended to make white, It will underline brightness green and Blue items. Pictured right curtains, pillows and mattress padding made of the same fabric.

Minimalist blue kitchen with bright green accent
Contrast combination of white, Blue and green colors in the modern kitchen

Tips on interior design blue dishes

So, you decide to create a kitchen design in blue. Now you need to decide, What is blue in the kitchen: Wall, tile, ceiling, furniture or accessories. If you dream of kitchen furniture This color, the walls and ceiling are better for making light (white or beige), as shown in the photo below.

Great classic kitchen furniture Cerulean
Light blue kitchen in minimalist style with colorful funky lighting

If you like blue wallpaper in the kitchen, then for furniture and floor, apply other colors. The best solution in this case will be purchasing wooden furniture in honey colours.

As furniture choose wood samples from saturated or bright shades. Depending on the size of your kitchen and personal preferences you can arrange furniture in the following ways:

  • Linearly;
  • Mr. figuratively;
  • P-figuratively;
  • using islet (true for the kitchen-living room).

Bright kitchen with bright blue walls and a checkerboard floor tile
Light brown laminate in the modern kitchen is grey-blue

For a floor it is possible to pick up moisture resistant laminate or ceramic tile. The best choice will be the bright tiles with imitation wood. From the dark, Blue or white flooring best avoided. The ceiling is better to make out in a traditional white.

Blue kitchen should be very well lit, so hang the beautiful chandelier, light the work area, use the built-in cabinets in the backlight. Preferred yellow light, instead of white.

Council! When choosing furniture and materials for finishing dishes in blue choose matte, instead of glossy surfaces. They fill the room with warmth and coziness.

Kitchen in blue shades beautifully will look in different styles: from Classic before modern. Nowadays, this color is widely used in interiors Provence style or country.

Blue beige kitchen with parquet floors and a white ceiling
Blue kitchen loft with white brick wall
White-blue combination in the design of the kitchen looks good in a country style

How to decorate kitchen blue?

To the blue kitchen was cozy, It is important to choose the appropriate accents and décor items, using the tricks of design. To the Interior didn't look washed out, Add bright accents. It can be curtains, pillows for chairs, tableware, kitchen towels, headlamps, tablecloth and even napkins.

Council! Designers recommend pick up for the Interior textiles Kitchen shades, as close to the color of furniture.

Do not obstruct the placing useless things, order and space-this is the main rule, you want to observe, to make the kitchen more comfortable. Green with blue, so feel free to place live plants on the shelves, Countertop or window sills. Not only are they "ozelenât" your interior, but also create good microclimate.

Even the minimalist kitchen green plants look beautiful and refreshingly
White-blue marine-style kitchen with various accessories
White-blue color combination is supported by various kitchen utensils in the same colours

Blue kitchen design requires the use of natural materials. For example, wooden table and chairs, light curtains of natural textiles, carpets will help create a cozy atmosphere indoors. Special attention deserve curtains. Plain blue curtain more suited for bedrooms, living room or nursery rooms. For the kitchen, choose light curtains with various patterns, in the cage, stripes or floral pictures.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Beauty and comfort to your kitchen depend only on you!

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