Kitchen Red (46 Photo): bright color in the modern interior — Design

Kitchen Red (46 Photo): bright color in the modern interior

And it is kitchen facilities is considered to be so ideal for use all shades of Red, which fully enter the depth of this color.

The subtleties of using red for the kitchen

The ideal kitchen for everyone, and color perfect dishes every your: someone likes relaxing beige, and for someone than bright Orange. Designers note, that red should choose carefully, because he is perceived by all people differently, and if one of the households this kitchen will inspire fear or aggression, the satisfaction from an updated design won't get none.

FACT! All shades of red colors stimulate appetite, so this interior is not worth to choose family, in which someone often sits on diets.

Red kitchen design is a wide open space opportunities: It is possible to create any mood and to use any style.

The most common are considered two options to use red in the Interior kitchen:

  • The Red finish is all shades of that color for sex, walls or apron working zone.

It should be remembered, What if you decided to make a red wall, the paint reviews only one wall, to leave room for quieter colors.

  • Red furniture is, as a rule, Red facades kitchen set: glossy, Matt, carved or combined.

Rarely can be found red table and chairs: for example, plastic Red bar stools become the perfect complement for interior minimalističnogo.

The designers have noted the strong influence of interiors in red on the psyche and emotional state people: for example, for a calm and sluggish natural cherry kitchen can be an incentive and engine, and that's easily whobudimogo or expressive person such Interior could lead to excessive aggression.

The red color in any style and size

To kitchen interior design red was harmonious and well-thought-out, designers are advised to write it in a certain style.

Too lively and eye-catching red is not suitable for every style, allocate only a few options:

  • Modern styles (high-tech or minimalism) able to make red Interior Centre. Most often it is used for finishing the facades headset or decoration, in order not to overload the premise bright color.

  • Advanced classics (Baroque or Rococo) looks great in dark Cherry or Burgundy shades. For more game color is often interspersed with gold and complement the exquisite stucco facades.

  • Art Deco or Empire are also good for the incarnation of the Red kitchen Interior, Since this shade is able to convey a wealth of luxury and finesse these styles.

All shades of red are suitable for use in kitchen interiors. The richness of color and variance, from Crimson to wine, used by modern designers.

Of course, for spacious premises appropriate all color options, While a small kitchen is better to use light colors or confine itself to partial use of color (for example, as a decoration or bright color spots).

Colors companions for red in the kitchen Interior

Total red in the Interior is a taboo. Too much of this cheerful colors can produce the opposite impression-crush and oppress.

It is in order, to this effect did not appear, designers recommend red in conjunction with another color, that not only floor shows will fill excessive aggressiveness Scarlet, but it will also create him the perfect duo.

  • Kitchen red-white colors are considered to be a classic combination, where joyous Scarlet should becomes soft and restrained against a backdrop of snow-white. Traditionally used such an option: white walls and apron are the backdrop for Red headset.

COUNCIL! Replace the official White soft Beige or sandy-get calm home decor, with the leisurely conversation.

  • Red-gray interior is considered stylish, but calm and cosy. Scarlet, Cherry or raspberry-any shade of Red easily creates a harmonious Duet with steel sides of modern technology, Gray countertop or concise color grifel′nogo wallpaper.

  • Red-Black kitchen in the Interior are a sample of modern style. Game of shades and tints of red and black, as the eternal classics, creates the effect of sophistication and some pretentiousness.

To this Interior did not look too bleak and lifeless, It is generally to dilute: stainless steel appliances, white walls, black and white checkerboard floor, Pearl textiles or tableware-all this adds room depth.

  • The combination of red with wood is a suitable option for persons, seeking simultaneously burst forces and tranquility, born of proximity with nature. All wood tones-dark Wenge until light Birch-can be combined with an appropriate tone red and get the perfect Interior. Wenge kitchen successful yet in terms of light and its distribution.
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