«Kitchen — 65 photo in the Interior — Design

«Kitchen — 65 photo in the Interior

Increased humidity, changes in temperature, soot, couples and other features "hot shop" — Here's what to expect wallpaper in the kitchen. This is why paper and textile (Silk, flax, cotton) and natural (bamboo and the stems and leaves of grass, veneer wood) Desktop, actively absorb cinder, the smoke and smell of food, leave for other rooms.

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The main condition-desktop for cuisine must be washable, Therefore, the optimal choice is vinyl (on flize base, CD Vinyl) desktop or fiberglass wallpaper.

Determine the colors

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  • for small kitchen categorically contraindicated desktop with contrasting, very large patterns or with vertical band They visually reduce the additional premises. For such cuisines fit monophonic wallpapers, in bright colors or with fine rare pattern
  • If window kitchen facing north, You should stay on the wallpaper in the warm colours- Yellow, Orange, Pink, cream, they add warmth and light. Hot "South" cuisine cool and freshen the cold tone: grey, Blue, Blue, Green, marble.

If the kitchen is combined with dining room, combine wallpapers will zonirovat space, separating dining area from working.

«Kitchen — Photo

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