Kitchen sink made of artificial stone — original and practical — Design

Kitchen sink made of artificial stone — original and practical

Kitchen sink made of artificial stone with two compartments

Changing fashion trends in kitchen design, along with this change and materials, used to create its interior. If most recently mistress proudly showed their girlfriends kitchen sink stainless steel, Today it finds serious flaws in such organization working area on the kitchen. And solves, that steel is already a thing of the past. And it's time to pay attention to new materials for washing.

Composite granite sink adds rigor to the beach kitchen Interior

Artificial stone is a versatile material

Among the modern diversity of materials for sinks a special place belongs to artificial stone. This composite enables you to significantly alter not only the functionality of washing, but also affect kitchen design. Its characteristics are given the opportunity to create in the kitchen area for maximum comfort in combination with the original memorable design.

Sinks made of artificial stone may be the most unusual forms

Artificial stone sinks are made from the, on 80% consisting of granite crumb, associated polymer. This material possesses all properties, necessary for the manufacture of sinks, that is in active use:

  • Well formed-can make washing of any form, selecting the most suitable for your kitchen design. Traditional square or round kitchen sinks made of artificial stone can be supplemented with "wet table or Office for washing vegetables. Carwash complex configuration suitable for angular location. Construction of several containers will create maximum comfort for the hostess kitchen.

Kitchen sink with dishwashing, fruit and drying dishes

Council! Do not rush to buy a sink from the catalog of finished products. Technology of production allows is easy enough to make a model of your own project. Many manufacturers provide the possibility of individual order.

Square kitchen sink made of artificial stone is harmoniously combined with marble top
  • Dyed-using different fillers allows you to create any artificial stone colors. Tranquil pastel or bright saturated color, monochrome or color blotches, uniformity of texture or various decorative effects-the choice is so wide, you have the unique opportunity to find for your kitchen unique and totally customized solution.

Kitchen sink made of artificial stone copper colored
  • Very practical-combines a variety of properties, make it the undisputed leader among other materials. Strength, resistance to mechanical, chemical and physical loads make artificial stone sinks for the kitchen simply indispensable. They can throw boiling water, use for their service any detergent other than abrasive, put in heavy objects. When this material retains its appearance and can withstand any manipulation.

Even after many years of this sink from an artificial stone will delight your guest house
  • Hygienic-composition of the composite itself is harmless to human health, because he is absolutely no harmful components and does not absorb the substances it. Articles made of artificial stone flawlessly polished, so on its surface moisture not delayed, that prevents the development of pathogenic microflora. Resistant to most chemicals allows qualitative sanitize sinks.

Wonderful deep sink can hide from guests pans, pans and plates at the time of the festive feast

Arguments in favor of artificial stone

Another advantage, that could be decisive in choosing, is the sound absorption. Metal sink booms answers any impact-will this water jet or posed in her subject. Artificial stone puts out almost any sound when using the sink.

Artificial stone sink always adds a little personality to the kitchen

The fact is, that you can pick up the sink in a similar style to the design of your kitchen. Manufacturers offer even create ensembles-countertop, car wash, sill perform one type of material. This solution will allow you to make kitchen Interior maximally harmonious.

Round sink made of artificial stone effectively stands out against the background of kitchen units

Council! Choose options for your kitchen, in which the elements can be joined with the minimum clearances. Then you will have no problems with dampness and zatekaniâmi under the sink or in the adjacent furniture.

Kitchen sink made of artificial stone environmentally safe to use

In addition to the traditional option to install it under the sink hole in the worktop, There are other ways of installation. When the lower bracket located under the sink counter top, that eliminates the awkward upstand, nuisance cleaning. You can select a single set of, When the sink and countertop are made integral.

Rectangular sink with two taps and cutting board over it — then, What is needed for a large family!

Artificial stone lends itself well to technological processing, so if you need to install an additional mixer or other equipment, you will be able to drill in the sink hole in the right place, using the circle with diamond plating.

This washing will be perfect to perform their functional tasks

Qualitatively made from artificial stone washing very durable. The strength of the material is quite high, to withstand shocks without noticeable damage to the eye. But even if the surface was formed or a new chip scratch, you don't have to replace washing. Reconstruction of the sink is simple and fast. Restore form and zapolirovat′ damaged place specialist will help you any firm, sells a variety of products from artificial stone.

Modern design of shells from an artificial stone will be pleased with his choice of any mistress

Perfect things in our environment does not exist, but ...

Artificial stone and various products from it is no exception. The main disadvantage of such sinks is their price. High cost may alert buyer, But if you weigh the advantages of such equipment for the kitchen, you will have to agree, that good things can not be cheap. And spent on their acquisition funds will be defrayed by their functionality and practicality.

Sink made of artificial stone is resistant to aggressive chemicals and formulations of household chemistry

Another minus-surface may suffer, If it put hot frying pan or saucepan. However, basic adherence to simple rules will help avoid trouble. Enough to use for protection from the hot wash special stands and your artificial stone will serve for many years.

For the corner kitchen sink made of artificial stone is the best design solution

Buying a sink from stone, you need to consider, that her weight would be much more, than metal. This will require a more solid foundations under it.

The original kitchen sink made of artificial stone

To spend cleaning the kitchen, equipped items made of artificial stone, You can use almost all available means of household chemistry. You only need to exclude from its arsenal of abrasive cleaning, as well as hard brushes and sponges, that could damage the polished surface of the material.

Kitchen sink made of artificial stone is combined with any countertop

Sinks for any interior

Faux stone can be very diverse, so you have a completely unique opportunity to select the model of the washing, extremely accurately implements your idea of the perfect kitchen. The range of shapes and colors of products allows you to create unique designs, the most relevant to your requirements, desires and preferences.

Amazing sink made of artificial stone in the shape of a guitar

The decision to purchase a new sink for your kitchen from contemporary material will help you greatly improve the conditions of hard work housewives. And also you will be able to completely outplay the usual design Interior, with a touch of originality, freshness and novelty.

The outer layer of the shell of artificial stone is absolutely not subject to abrasion
Such kitchen sinks are highly durable and resistant to mechanical stress

Kitchen sink made of artificial stone — Photo

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