Wall panels for kitchen (Photo): Choose a stylish solution — Design

Wall panels for kitchen (Photo): Choose a stylish solution

Wall panels — practical and economical solutions for the kitchen
Well-chosen panels fit into the Interior of any direction
Panels in pastel shades give comfort kitchen design
Options panels infinite many — from plastic flowers care, to classic wooden

Wall panels for kitchen: modern materials

New wall panel apron for the kitchen -This is the real way to change the style of cuisine, adding bright colors. Panels for the walls must be part of the kitchen, harmoniously entered in a general style decision therefore designers recommend to choose material and colour especially carefully. A wide range of different materials allows choosing a suitable and harmonious option for any environment, from the spacious kitchen in high-tech style, which can be complemented by delicious glass or mirrored panels, to a cosy country-style rooms, where more appropriate will be wooden panels.

Cuisine with harmonious detail — apron of glass panels

Council! The choice of material for kitchen panels should be based on general features of stylistic directions of premises.

Panel, picked up for colour under the kitchen furniture

Dignity kitchen panels

The main advantages over other materials panels, used for finishing kitchen walls, are:

  • Ease of installation. The faster and more smoothly "installation procedure is selected by panels, they preferred.
  • Easy care. Easy washing and material resistance panels to aggressive detergent and cleaning agents is indispensable in terms of cuisine.

The successful combination of wooden and plastic panels
Apron and stand, lined with wood paneling
The apron is of bright wood panels
  • Durability and reliability. Hardened and strong material, who is not afraid to damage, would be preferable for the kitchen, where strikes and other contacts of walls or furniture with pots are inevitable.
  • Soundproofing and thermal insulation is important, Although not always required properties, which are relevant for the multi-family homes.

Durable and reliable Panel long last in your kitchen
  • The cost of most types of panels is quite accessible for the ordinary consumer: the average price of the options will look not less worthy, than tile, Although it will cost an order of magnitude cheaper.

White plastic panels and wood are in perfect harmony on the bright kitchen

Variety of panels for kitchen and their characteristics

The choice of materials for furnish of kitchen walls must be based on the attractiveness and external qualities, as well as their resilience. Designers distinguish following types of panels, relevant in the face of cuisine:

  • Kitchen wall panels made of plastic are considered universal kind of wall covering, because stand out not only a spectacular appearance and a wide range of colors and textures, but the simplicity of installation. Contrary to popular opinion, plastic panels is not always wrong and cheap option, that will ruin the appearance of the room. For example, stylish and sturdy panels of white plastic are able to create a wonderful contrast with personal combination with rough brick wall.

Wall wooden panel with a soft, creamy texture
The dark plastic panels — one of the most practical options for finishing dishes
Wall panels are easy to care and installation
  • Wooden wall panels require decent frames. They set the mood kitchen: as a rule, wood panels used for furnish of premises in ethno style (Scandinavian, country or Provence). Durability and reliability of the material makes such panels is not just short-sighted desire to change room, a major investment. Such panels can be as budgetary (Pine or alder), and almost an elite option (Cedar or Oak).

Wooden panels — expressive part of minimalističnogo design and interior walls

Council! Buying wood for kitchen, You should ensure that you have wax coatings, which protects the surface of the panels from fat and moisture.

  • Wall panels made of glass for kitchen-a new word in kitchen design. Certainly, the complexity and high cost of this material often does not allow you to use it on the entire area cuisine. As a rule, the glass panels are only used for furnish of apron, But even in a limited space, this material is capable of performing miracles. Strong, but looking surprisingly fragile and moving, glass panels become a real decoration for the kitchen. With or without a pattern, corrugated or matte-such panels protect the wall from the sunlight and aggressive exposure, adding Interior lightness and tenderness.

Glass panel with prints on the kitchen apron
Wall panels made of glass
  • Wall panels for kitchen MDF. This variation is considered to be one of the fittest for conditions cuisine, because the MDF panels are designed to withstand various loads and physical effects, and also do not suffer under the influence of water. Ease of installation and care-weighty dignity of such material, as well as his sound-proof qualities, so topical in conditions of dwelling houses.

The basis of stylistic direction cuisine — the right panel

Separate mention should be made of special types of wall panels from plaster, natural stone or even skin. Such experiments are not always appropriate in terms of cuisine, but the kitchen is not always a place for outdoor cooking. If the owners prefer to eat in restaurants, and home cuisine plays the role of a scenery, the absolutely any, even brittle material, perfect for wall decoration or apron. When this, for example, panels made of artificial stone not only durable, but and are easy to care for: the resulting solid surface is ideal for the modern home and makes the model more refined cuisine.

Apron, lined panels laminate
Elegant apron of volumetric panels
3(D) Panel on the kitchen apron
Panels made of artificial stone — not practical, but quite exquisite detail

Council! Lovers of originality may draw attention to the gypsum Panel with 3D effect: volumetric figure creates a special effect, making a room almost dreamlike and highly original.

Black Panel in a stylish dark Interior

The subtleties of installation and care: advices from professionals

Mount wall panels for kitchen just enough. This, I guess, the only material, working with whom under force even man, does not have anything to do with the construction. Among the most viable options include such:

  • Panels are fixed to the wall mounted crate (plastic, wooden or even metal). Instead of crates can also be used and mounting profile: This option allows to qualitatively mount panels and wall roughness.

Unusual apron of relief panels
Panels can be installed on walls perfectly aligned, and wall flaws
  • Installation with Staples, attached to the wall with nails. This method is suitable only for perfect flat walls.

Panels can be lined with not only a kitchen wall, but the door, as well as other vertical surfaces
  • Panels are fixed to the wall with a strong adhesive or liquid nails. Thus mounted Castle panels: for example, plastic or MDF.

Wall panels of blue shades blend well with wooden Interior elements
Simple white panels are perfectly combined with marble interior elements

Care for such walls should, based on the recommendations for the care of one or another material. For example, plastic panels should be washed without using abrasive sponges and overly aggressive funds, to avoid scuffs or scratches.

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