Led lamps for kitchen (49 Photo): bright and functionally — Design

Led lamps for kitchen (49 Photo): bright and functionally

Warm and gentle light creates a unique atmosphere

They can not only get comfortable and pleasant for eyes lighting for all functional areas, but focus on the interesting design approaches and solutions, features of design and Interior. Breadth of choice of LED lamps of various structural types will help create a common, spotlights and illumination in one stylistic principle.

Led light fixtures can help improve repeatedly Interior

Traditional chandeliers and lamps

Led headlamps are practically not used for general lighting in the kitchen.

Example of using led lighting as a central

But sometimes without the traditional chandeliers not to manage-in kitchens, decorated in a classic and ethnic style, retro, country music or Baroque need a combination of Central lighting and wall lights, responsible for the illumination of the working zone. For classical and neoclassical chandelier would be required for kitchen pendants.

The combination of classical chandeliers and lighting

Council! Crystal chandelier should be placed away from the cooking surface, that fat does not settles on glass.

For kitchens in Provence style, country or Chalet suitable lamps-candelabra with aged surface, which is covered with Golden, Silver or copper patina. For Arabic or Oriental style handy light-flashlights with elements, made from colored glass, and wrought iron details. Japanese often use lamps with paper or fabric Lampshade-because, that led light bulbs emit a minimal amount of heat, These chandeliers completely fireproof.

Led lights are great for any interiors

When placing the dishes in the modern (high-tech, modern, minimalism) style, room decorate practical and concise fixtures-the simplest forms cubic or spherical, manufactured from modern materials.

Led headlamps — one of the most suitable for the design of the lighting methods

LED ribbons and lights for the kitchen

The kitchen led lights can be used simultaneously as a complete functional lighting, Designer reception and decorative accent. For realization of the backlight can be applied recessed fittings, led Strip and for wall and ceiling models (Swivel lights, spotlights-spotlights, wall lights-indoor and outdoor).

Thanks to the diversity among led lamps, You can create a unique light-ensemble
Quality lighting plays an important role in a good interior design

Select a specific type of lighting is determined by the level of (height) its installation. To get the ceiling illumination use:

  • led tape-they are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling for decorative ledges or recesses

Led Strip is extremely easy to use
  • recessed lighting fixtures are installed in stretch and suspended ceilings

Recessed luminaires — great for hanging and suspended ceilings
  • ceiling luminaires are mounted on sibling ceilings

Overhead lights — a great option for a good lighting when sibling ceilings
  • chandeliers of different designs

Complete interior unusual led chandelier
Chandeliers of different forms of combined in the Interior in the style of minimalism

Led illumination of the working area in the countertop and can be implemented by using wall-mounted lamps or led tape. Decorative illumination of open shelving, Socles, kitchen cabinets, curly eaves and other elements of the furniture of the kitchen equipment can be created by installing wall-mounted linear lamps or led strips (a special type of — Endcap).

A small number of led tape can transform the kitchen
Using the backlight, you can highlight any element of an Interior

Led light strip

Thanks to its versatility and ease of installation, led Strip is the most popular method of getting highlighter in the kitchen at any level. It generated uniform light, without shadows and highlights, perfect to illuminate countertops and working area, decorative lighting. Backlight for kitchen countertops are usually placed under wall units-either at the junction of the locker and apron, either on the bottom plane of the locker. To get the backlight with a decorative effect, end of tape placed under the counter top or cutting edge, right behind transparent panels and profiles.

Coverage under the tabletop — very showy reception

Due to excellent flexibility, led light strip can ideally exactly repeat the most complex contours ceiling or furniture design. The minimum thickness will accommodate backlight discreetly and very gently, off it is virtually invisible.

LED backlighting creates a unique play of light
With the proper placement of led Ribbon is much easier to control the light level

Possibility of placing tape in special boxes made of anodized or aluminum or furniture compartments allows you to discreetly accommodate constructive elements created by backlight, adding the trustworthiness and style lighting system in General. In the complex, all this allows you to use the led strips in the interiors of any style-from neoclassicism and modernism to minimalism and hi-tech.

High-tech style and led lighting just made for each other

Council! For stable and long-term work led tape requires heatsink. For this reason, glue (install) This tape directly to furniture (tree, DVP) undesirable. For these purposes it is better to use as the basis for small aluminium profiles, that will securely hold the tape and ensure the heatsink.

Heatsink significantly extend the service life of led Ribbon

Highlighting Cap lets you get the so-called effect of "hovering furniture». If the complement to the illumination of the working zone and the CAP further led ceiling taping (thereby three levels of lighting), the resulting total light level will abandon traditional chandeliers or lamps installation.

Soft light creates a unique atmosphere

LED backlight, placed around the perimeter of the kitchen in the lower part of the walls, can visually adjust the dimensions of the room.

Decorative illumination

Considering the LED lamps for lighting kitchen often deal exclusively with functional application function, While at the same time questions of beauty and aesthetics. And it led opens up incredible opportunities in this respect:

  • the backlight lamp mounted inside-lockers, directly behind the glass doors. They serve not only to decorate, but also quite practical. Thanks to internal illumination, You can find the right thing, not including basic lighting. Relevant is the backlight and, If the locker is kept many small items or packages with labels, made by fine print

Lighting, lockers — not only is it convenient, but also very beautiful

Council! Setting the backlight in locker, It is worth to check their density of closing and opening convenience, and especially consider how to include lighting fixtures. Optimum output-sensor led light, reacting to opening the door and automatically include coverage

Automatic activation — It's just, practical and comfortable
  • glowing shelves -top (lower, sometimes both at once) the plane carry out from glass (transparent synthetic material), inside mount lamps or led tape

On open shelves lighting also looks perfectly
  • decorative elements-carved details, columns, etc.. As a rule, This backlight used in kitchens in classic style

Gaining popularity RGB backlight, allows you to create with light extravaganza (Red, White, Blue, Yellow) a festive atmosphere or, the turnover, muting tones, Add intimacy and romance.

With a choice of colors, You can easily change the mood kitchen

When this, selecting color, You should consider, that for the Interior in a classical style suited the warm shades, for high-tech-appropriate cold light. Orange, Yellow, warm white-warm shades-accentuate the texture and the natural beauty of wood. The pink highlighting blends with refined ceramic or porcelain dishes, Blue-for metal and chrome-plated surfaces.

Emphasize important elements of decor lighting and fully enjoy your created interiors

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