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Blinds for the kitchen (35 Photo): What to choose?

Blinds for the kitchen: asceticism or rationality?

The usual Office dweller-blinds-firmly included in the apartments, settling is not only in the rooms, but in the kitchen. Someone stands to celebrate, that bring Office dullness in the cozy atmosphere of the hearth is not worth, but isn't modern blinds is the only Office grey? The abundance of colours and textures, the opportunity to pick up the texture and even print the photo under the individual project-all these are real ways to make the Interior fresh and more stylish.

COUNCIL! Designers are advised to experiment and change the mood kitchen, Maybe that will add zest to blinds in long-familiar Interior.

If we talk about the functionality of blinds for the kitchen, they are able to make a tangible competition usual curtains:

  • Solder pads for kitchen blinds easy to wash, they do not absorb fat and soot.
  • Blinds are much more reliably protect a premise from sunlight.
  • Quality shutters will last much longer than traditional curtains, retaining its original appearance.
  • A wide range of colors allows you to choose shutters for any style.

Types of blinds and their features

Make the right choice and get the ideal for a specific interior blinds can be, If you have a general idea of the types and characteristics of this type of curtains. To navigate on this issue should be the size and shape of the window, as well as the overall height of the room. Traditionally there are following types of blinds:

  • Horizontal-the most common kind of. These blinds are distinguished by the ability to completely block light from Windows. Most often, these lamellae used for small rooms with small window apertures, not to be hogging space. Fabric horizontal slats are the ideal solution to create a homelike atmosphere in the kitchen, and aluminum laconic designs perfectly complement minimalist contemporary style kitchen or Hi-Tek.
  • Vertical-more resemble other types of traditional curtains, so enjoy the big popularity. This type is preferred for Home Interiors, warm and relaxing. Designers use vertical slats as a way of visually pull height rooms, especially for domestic apartments with low ceilings. Vertical slats are presented in a wide range: from classic plain options to openwork texture.

COUNCIL! Vertical slats can be combined with conventional curtains: for example, adding Interior lightness with airborne tulle.

  • Roller blinds is a distinct species, very different in appearance: These blinds represent a solid fabric, that effectively protects the room from the light and compact sliding in almost imperceptible roll at the top of the window. Blinds fit perfectly in a minimalistic or Japanese interior, also harmoniously looks roller blinds with ornament in Oriental style.
  • In-frame-this type many call the saving for the kitchen. Regular lamellae sooner or later become contaminated by soot and fat, and located between the glass not only stay clean, but and effectively perform their functions. Submitted by free window aperture, you can decorate the traditional curtains at their discretion.

Materials for kitchen blinds

Choosing blinds for every room should be based on the integration of those loads, who will undergo the material during operation. Since the kitchen is exposed to steam all, fat and the omnipresent dust, material for blinds must be as reliable and resistant to this kind of effects.

COUNCIL! It is necessary to take into account the reliability of mechanism: It must be so strong, to withstand regular mechanical loads.

The most popular materials for the manufacture of blinds are:

  • Plastic. Plastic shutters is considered to be the most functional and easy to care for: SOAP solution is able to return them to a bygone brilliance, and texture while not suffering.
  • Aluminium is called the optimal material for kitchen blinds, Since this material is not only the maximum safe for humans and easily transfers temperature drops in the kitchen, but also has a wide range of colors and textures.
  • Tree. Wooden blinds made of balsa wood or bamboo perfectly fit into the Interior country cuisine or eco-cuisine. The only limitation for wood products remains a ban on close to the plate.
  • Fabric. Fabric lamellas is handled by special structures, enable you to seamlessly conduct wet cleaning, without worrying about the status of blinds.

A separate paragraph should highlight the Venetian blinds-new direction, that already has had time to gain popularity. The peculiarity of such curtains is a combination of several elements and materials: for example, traditional aluminum framework and refined fabric curtains or a combination of bamboo paper straws. These blinds are suitable for interiors with a hint of pretentiousness and luxury, However, in terms of functionality and convenience of such constructions are not considered to be a good choice.

Select Blinds: color and textured

In the minds of most townsfolk blinds still look no more than modest white stripes, Whereas it is in fact the range of invoices, materials and colours of the slats so wide, that pick up the ideal for any interior easily. Bright juicy shades or subdued colours, rich, light pastel or drawing any of the options is available. When choosing the color shutters should build on the following boards of designers:

  • A neutral backdrop for any interior will bright slats-beige, milk or cream.
  • Use bright colors to attract attention to the window and make it one of the key decorative elements in the Interior.
  • Dark shutters are advised to use only in kitchens with large Windows, facing South: then the slats will provide protection from the Sun.
  • Blinds with an ornament or other patterns you must skillfully combine with other kitchen décor and fabrics, respecting the uniform style.

Blinds-a special kind of, which should be allocated separately. The specificity of such curtains is a special safe method of applying photographic images or pictures on the vertical lamella. High quality digital printing ensures brightness and juiciness of the picture colors, In addition, This figure gaff as exposure to sunlight, and mechanical cleaning.

Blinds are no longer seem to be something unusual in the Home Interior, (a) the use of such curtains in the kitchen allows most harmoniously combine their spectacular appearance and maximum functionality. Competently picked up blinds-final touch to complete the Interior of the stylish kitchen.

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