Bed-podium in the Interior (35 Photo): types, features, pros and cons — Design

Bed-podium in the Interior (35 Photo): types, features, pros and cons

Podiums in apartments -a fairly popular Interior decision, gathering every year a large audience of fans. Some seek to make its abode stylish and original views, other through such ideas trying to solve the burning question lack of space. But whether this method is so effective in the second case,?

If you are thinking about installing beds-the podium in the room, estimate the area of the room is objectively and think: are you ready to cut it in half. No matter how beautifully neither sang "knowledgeable specialists» about the superiority of such designs, Obviously, that they fit only for fairly spacious rooms, but not for malometražnyh acreage. All because, that bed-podium podium itself is, that will take a significant portion of, and mattress or bed on top of it. As a design decision, such an option, no doubt, original and interesting, but as a way to save space in malometražkah-is questionable. Yes, You should also take into account the height of the room.

At low ceilings the maximum height of the podium must be 20 see, otherwise he "eats" your room vertically.

Royal luxury

Of course, If you have a spacious private bedroom, bed-podium will be its highlight-this design looks really stylish, beautifully and luxuriously-class. The atmosphere of a room with such a bed soaked gloss, style and originality. Especially good beds with backlight -in the dark they look so, like floating in the air.

Podium with drawers

Very popular among connoisseurs of such originality enjoyed bed with podium, where there are retractable boxes -excellent alternative cabinets and komodam. These unremarkable to an outside eye stores can accommodate not only bed linen, but many other things, that there was no room in the room.

Shelves for books in the face of the podkrovatnogo podium is not only practical, but also pretty stylish solution for Interior.

Combining functions

The podium may be generally Polyfunctional and combine simultaneously bed, bookshelves and nightstand. Options for combining the functions of a large number of podium-only enough to decide, What do you need to.

So, for example, bed-podium child's room is a real godsend, allows you to save space and place everything you need in a relatively small area. Truth and bed-podium this design not all can be called, because, contrary to classical views, a place to sleep in the catwalk, rather than on top of it. You can say, He acts as a cache, in that bed slide during the daytime, that frees up space for games.

Podium free hosted educational nooks and boxes for storage of things, and steps, that lead to the podium, at the same time are drawers. Perhaps, This and similar options are the most practical and ergonomic use of beds-podiums in the Interior.

Catwalk on the windowsill

Truly flying designer thought knows no boundaries, and this bed on podium-window sill. Isn't it a wonderful solution-relax and watch out At home? Ideal for aesthetes, originals, curious and lovers of non-standard ideas.

Such a cozy couch can be built in any niche on podiumnoj previously built designs necessary height.

Podium-bed can change the geometry of your space, If you are not quite satisfied with the. For example, setting such a bed at the end of a long narrow room, You can visually reduce its length and visually "push" Wall.

As you can see, use cases-many beds podiums. To put or not so designed in his apartment-you decide. Obviously one: the spacious apartments of this bed will look stylish and luxurious, However, in a small it can visually reduce the Khrushchev housing space. But, If you are determined to sleep on Royal catwalk regardless, what area you have, enlist the specialists, and forward-to translate dreams into reality!

Bed-podium in the Interior — Photo

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