Classic style bedrooms (60 Photo): luxury, shine and comfort — Design

Classic style bedrooms (60 Photo): luxury, shine and comfort

Classic bedroom with unusually high ceilings, decorated with stucco decoration, hanging Golden curtains and stylish Italian furniture, like in the Palace-Museum fascinates and arouses delight

How to decorate a bedroom in a classic style: basic rules

Classic style is a creative combination of, fusion of several styles-Baroque, Rococo, Empire. It is characterized by certain features:

  • symmetry-Ensemble and interior details are in conformity with the principles and General composition subordinations are necessary, chaotic, random layout environment destroys the overall image

Against the backdrop of noble turquoise incredibly chic looks fretwork, richly decorated with intricate architectural details
  • colours -warm, in classicism dominate shades Yellow, Shortcake, Terracotta, Peach, olive, etc.. No contrasts and "flashy", excessively bright, hitters in the eye, colors

Pastel tones of the room have to be calm and relaxation, a decorative white fireplace emphasizes classic style bedrooms
  • wood is his lot, all the furniture is not just wood, but from the very valuable, expensive varieties with inlays (Special Technics, allows to encrust tree wood). Plus-gold plating, mother of Pearl inlay or bronze

In all ages classic was in the bedroom and you will need
  • natural materials-expensive fabrics, semi-precious stone (Malachite, Jasper, marble), metal (Silver, Bronze)

Elegant window curtains, twisted forms, FishNet tables and chairs on the bent legs, picture framing in the framework, antique jewelry and items — all this forms the image of luxury, and to some extent, Royal Suites in all its glory
  • stucco-Sockets, baguettes, friezes are required when applying for a bedroom in a classic style. Modern technologies allow to create sleeker and lighter, so working with them easier

Merge into a single whole moldings, magnificent chandeliers, panelling, exclusive furniture and other luxury items, give the Interior a Royal guise
  • Accessories-Interior bedrooms in classical style will be inadequate without the spectacular decorations. There is no space in the Interior of the neoformlennym "naked walls». Various figurines, pictures, vases for flowers -forget about the brevity, but all the elements and items must be conditioned in a uniform style

Aristocratic motifs in the Interior bedrooms are presented in the form of gorgeous furniture and finishing materials

Council! Antiques — an important part of the overall situation. Antique accessories or stylized them: vintage watches, floor mirrors, paintings in massive expensive frames, candlesticks, porcelain figurines

The Central bedroom accents in classic style is a bed, which sets the style and shape of the rest of the elements in the bedroom
  • columns and Arch -Greek architecture always room, If the area of the room

Big, luxurious bed with decorative headboard, the use of precious carpets and quality fabrics, decorative furnish of walls, all these elements combine into a single bedroom composition

Wall decoration, ceiling and floor

The walls in the bedroom, carefully aligned, finish with decorative plaster (Venetian plaster, imitating marble, the legacy of the Renaissance masters) ceramic or stone. Refinement placement will add sites of walls, decorated painted. On one wall you can place carved columns with a portico is the Empire will be very limited in such an Interior.

Bold and splendid interior in a classical style, exceptional looks in the master bedroom

However, more often, as a compromise between cost and compliance with style, for wall decoration in a classic bedroom use desktop. The traditional figure-neat, sequential ornament of stylized flora elements and different monograms. They are executed in a concise, strict, very low-key form in soft colors. Often used for decorating wallpaper with a pattern, which is abundantly rich in Platinum and gold. The use of such wallpapers attached bedroom is impressive and chic look. Leaf wallpapers, abundantly rich fine detail, ornament, It is necessary to dilute. For this purpose on a wall plane give off the wall, monochromatic, and okantovyvaût its moldings.

People, appreciate style and ideal architectural forms always choose for your bedroom wallpaper and interior design in the classic style

Floor covering for classic bedroom is parquet, made of precious wood, its natural color is ideally combined with total koloristkoj premises. Drawing of a parquet-simple geometric shapes or vegetable subject.

Classics in the bedroom talking about immortality and neprevzojdënnosti classical interiors

In the ceiling there are several approaches. Traditional ceiling-monophonic, White, which is decorated with a frieze or patterned moldings. The ceiling can be painted in white, nude, pale green or turquoise color with the addition of eaves, curbs and molded vignettes. Not only do the original ceiling, and give it a truly unique and luxurious look, You can decorate the narrative frescoes or patterned paintings.

Classic style bedroom — This impeccable taste, luxury and unsurpassed desire to comfort

Textile in the Interior

Bedroom design in a classic style, it is impossible to imagine without textile items. Here are appropriate rich, luxurious fabrics-satin, Velvet, Silk, viscose.

Bedroom interior design in classical style cannot be confused with anything other, such designs have their own history, the mood and atmosphere of peace

First and foremost-curtains, the present window decoration, complex, richly decorated, with decorative cords, fringe, tassels and picked. Sliding heavy curtains for bedrooms Sew from dense, good blocking light, fabrics, light-transparent and thin tulle. For bed bedspreads and decorative original pillows picked shiny fabric-patterned Brocade, Velvet, Atlas.

Classic bedroom Interior seeks repeat perfection and comfort imperial palaces and Royal Chambers


Classic bedroom interior is headset-full kit, rather than individual, scattered pieces of furniture:

  • bed-bedroom Center, the widest possible, no compromise in the form of a sofa or couch. Double bed, made of expensive rare hardwood, with carved, high and massive headboard, very often-with canopy-everything works to create the effect of luxury, that amplified inlaid semi-precious stones, elegant carvings, gold plated or bronze elements.

The combination of dark and light colours creates a unique atmosphere in the room coziness and comfort, and the center of the composition — huge canopied bed
  • wardrobe with classic swinging doors

Cabinet in classic style blends harmoniously into the Interior, Stressing the aristocratic beauty bedroom
  • bedside tables -symmetrically placed off the bed, Stressing the overall style

The uniqueness of the classical bedroom adds the perfect combination of diverse colors and frill de four-poster beds and sofa celadon
  • chest of drawers or Dresser-bright detail, Besides its main purpose is to store things, It is also a place (stand) for multiple accessories: photos (necessarily within the), Vaz, figurines, etc..

Grace the bedroom gives lightweight classic decor and necessary pieces of furniture, bed and chest of drawers
  • dressing table complete with a large mirror in a frame

Dressing table with mirror is an integral part of the classic-style bedroom Interior
  • Ottomans-like playful puppies, usually do not have their place, wander around the room, but more often than not, stand feet bed. Upholstery material must necessarily coincide with material veils (decorative pillows)

Bedroom classic style keeps the family comfort and necessary note of mystery centuries, and allows you to feel himself emperor

If area, You can carve out a place for relaxation zone-Chair, coffee table and floor lamp, here will be a pleasure to read at bedtime.

Classic light bedroom with exquisite furnishings, floor and wall hangings, will always amaze guests with its rich decoration

Council! Classic bedroom interior-this style, refinement, luxury, the superiority of. But, all the same, Remember, what you are creating is not Exposition, and living space, in which, First of all, You should be comfortable.

Classic bedroom design in blue can only be described in one word-luxury

Modern classics

Useful! Bedroom Art Deco — style features, colours

Bedroom Interior, decorated in a classic style, exactly, Perhaps, one of the most expensive to implement. This is why designers are increasingly turning to style, which can be interpreted as "modern classicism". Accurately passing spirit and style, having many similarities, modern classical style is much easier and cheaper to implement:

  • greatly simplified decor all surfaces, the conscious rejection of glitz and excessive chic
  • minimum furniture and decorations with gold and silver ornaments
  • abandoning painting
  • waiver of expensive plaster in favor of wallpaper under podkrasku
  • use instead of expensive laminate parquet

In the bedroom is dominated by pastel colours, upholstered in a traditional classic style furniture — This is a great place, to relax and succumb to the ob″âtiâm of Morpheus

Modern classicism for the bedroom is a dualistic approach: minimum wall decor in favor of bright, rich decorated furniture or interesting, rich wall decoration (surfaces) When enough modest furniture. Against a backdrop of plain (light or dark) walls furniture look especially winnable, becoming a dominant element of decoration.

Luxurious dark wood furnishings amid bright walls

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