Alocasia (54 Photo): the exotic grandeur of each sheet — Design

Alocasia (54 Photo): the exotic grandeur of each sheet

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  • Types of
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For alokazii photo is a winning portfolio, from any angle, it has not been done. Leaves plants so delicious, that no one would dispute its decorative value. Does not stop the home gardeners and the fact, that tropical beauty rarely responds to care flowering. What is the secret of the care of a plant, his views and content requirements.

Alocasia — very beautiful and showy flower
Leaves alokazii simply delicious
Tropical beauty Alocasia

Types of

Rodina alokazii-tropical latitudes of South-East Asia. In the humid forests of Ceylon, Philippines, Malaysia grows about 50 types of plants, most of them are hybrid forms. In science Wednesday secrete 5 the main types of alokazii: krupnokornevuû, Black-Suede, copper-red, pahučuû and Amazonian.

Alocasia has about 50 species

Krupnokornevaâ Alocasia lives up to its name and rise, It grows up to 2 meters, forming a strong trunk and turning into a tree. Otcvetaâ, the plant is decorated with bright-Red fruits. Leaves oval.

Krupnokornevaâ Alocasia «Variegata»
Krupnokornevaâ Alocasia

Black-velvet view so named because of the colour and velvety leaf surface. On Black-Burgundy background sheet alokazii exceptional looks pattern from large White veins.

Black-velvet dream Alocasia

Alocasia amazonica decorated with stretched, Dark-Green leaves, with traditional plants white veins. White and pink blooms in inflorescences form COB.

Alocasia amazonica looks great with other plants
Alocasia amazonica

U alokazii copper-red bottom of oval sheet painted in dark purple, and the top bounces copper-green lights. This is one of the most poisonous species of plants and requires special handling.

Alocasia copper-red beautiful, but very poisonous plant

Alocasia odora It is named so because of the delicate flavor, that comes from small flowers plants. The leaves are colored in light green color, without a pronounced veins. Noteworthy, that, Despite the food plants, This kind of, as Alocasia therapeutic, widely known in China. From the SAP of plants produce tools, eliminate dental and gastric pain, prepare medications for the treatment of tuberculosis and pneumonia. However,, knowing about such properties alokazii, not worth experiment with homemade cooking formulations.

Alocasia odora
Alocasia odora has a very pleasant aroma

Frequently occurring in the store and At home types include Alocasia Polly, earning the love flower heart leaves, with a thin arrow tops and smooth bends along the edges. Make it difficult to bloom, but that prospect does not disappoint owners, they love his treasure for gorgeous leaves.

Alocasia Polly — a beautiful houseplant
Alocasia «Frydek»

It is interesting to: some types of plants are grown for the sake of edible tubers.

How to care for alokaziej

In spite of the fact, that bedroom Alocasia has established itself as a Phototoxic plant, some of the nuances of its contents would be useful to know.

Alocasia may serve as a wonderful decoration porch


For temperate zone temperature alokazii consists of +22-26 degrees in summer and +18 in winter. At these rates, the plant develops perfectly and does not feel discomfort.

Rodina alokazii-tropical latitude

It is important to! Protect the plant from cold drafts, it reacts badly and slows growth.


Young plant requires a lot of light, and here for an adult is suitable and a slight shading. Adjust lighting should, depending on the type of plants: for varieties with pronounced veins and dark leaves need bright sunlight, and plain leaves, without veins, need moderate lighting. And still, direct sunlight in large quantities may burn the leaves of alokazii, Therefore, slightly move the pot with the plant from window on the edge of the window sill.

Adjust lighting should, depending on the type and age of the plants


Properly ensure alokazii care at home, means, pay particular attention to watering plants. Here it is necessary to try and find a happy medium, when moisture enters the plant exactly the quantities, that he should. Any excess or shortage of water will lead to disease alokaziû.

Note! Summer alokaziû watered profusely, but only after the, How to dry topsoil. In addition, cannot be, to keep the water in the tray after watering more stagnant, than half an hour.

Watering alokazii requires special attention
Alocasia «Tiny-Dancers» — a very unusual hybrid


Humidity is an option, which Alocasia places special demands. The plant needs frequent spraying in the summer. The plant responds well and the wiping leaves with a damp sponge. In winter, reduce and watering, and spraying, bringing the procedure to a minimum.

Alocasia needs frequent spraying in the summer

Top dressing

Starting with the month of March and October, the plant must provide nutrients twice a month. Top-dressing spends mineral or organic mixtures, in moderation.

That plant has not ceased to delight its beauty, one should not forget about feeding


For planting plants take slabokislyj substrate, good breathable and moisture. In the correct soil structure consists of: 2 part of the turf land, leaf land, humus and 1 part of peat and sand. Pot should be high. At the bottom of the pot put a good layer of drainage.

Alocasia may serve as a wonderful decoration for your garden


Alocasia is a klubnevidnoe plant, but the reproduction of the alokazii is carried out in several parts,. These include tubers, seeds, Rhizome and cuttings.

Breeding of plants seeded problematic originally, as we have already said, that Alocasia reluctantly blooms at home.

Cultivation of alokazii very troublesome lesson

The easiest way to do this is to divide the rhizomes. The plant needs to dig out from the pot, gently separate the young escape, with an apparent root system, prisypat place branch of the charcoal and allow to dry. An hour later, delenka is ready for planting.

Division of tubers shall be carried out from March to may. If you notice, that above ground emerged young tubers alokazii, gently remove them from the parent plant. Prepare the shallow container, filled with MOSS (Sphagnum) and plant the tubers in it, maintaining the temperature +22 degrees. To create the greenhouse effect, cover with a plastic bag capacity. Transplant to a pot start then, When the plant will give two or three leaves, and its roots firmly twist primer.

Transplant to a pot start then, When the plant will give two or three leaves, and its roots firmly twist primer

Fit for a cutting from the plain green leaves. On the adult plant, at an angle 45 degrees, sheared off part of the shoot and translates into substrate, with regular watering and maintenance of boundary temperature +20-22 degrees.

Attention! All work, associated with the reproduction of alokazii, When there is a great chance to come into contact with the juice of plants, spend in rubber gloves and protecting eyes glasses.

All work, associated with the reproduction of alokazii, spend in rubber gloves and protecting eyes glasses

Disease and pests

Specific to the same pests alokazii, as any other home plants. Aphids, spider mite, schitovka, červec may affect flower alokazii, But if you notice their presence, they are easy to handle with the help of insecticides.

It is much more important to stick to the exact rules of plant care. When the stagnation of moisture immediately turning yellow leaves alokazii, They droop, lose elasticity, and the plant dies.

Alocasia «Hilo Beauty»

Noticed the shrinking tips of leaves, increase the humidity of the air. If your pet leaves lost color saturation, Note illumination of plants and increase its.

Look at alokaziû and make sure its high decorative qualities here.:

Alocasia — Photo

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