Maranta (48 Photo): rules for cultivation and care of "prayer plant» — Design

Maranta (48 Photo): rules for cultivation and care of "prayer plant»

Thanks to its spectacular colouration maranta can become a worthy ornament of the House

Maranta — This plant has many names and quite popular among lovers of indoor flowers. It is known under the name "praying herbs" and "10 commandments". Also popularly know as the "flower of the prayer plant».

Tropical beauty maranta

Arrowroot has direct (While the plant is still young) or creeping (When it grows up and has no bearings) cuttings and spectacular color leaves. The lower portion is painted in pink-red or bluish-green, While the top can be from light green to rich, almost black. Also the leaves are strips or spots, with contrasting colours.

Creeping leaves adult plants of arrowroot


There is more 20 types of arrowroot, the most famous of which:

  • Maranta tricolor (three-coloured or beložil′naâ). The length of the oval-shaped leaves up to 13 see, width-about 5-6. The top side is decorated with streaks and spots contrast color. The underside of the leaf is Crimson with pink streaks.

Maranta tricolor. The underside of the large oval-shaped leaves — Magenta with pink streaks
  • Two-tone. Oval-shaped leaves with a slightly wavy edges, their length can be up to 15 see. The upper part of the leaf has a green colour, as well as brown spots, bottom-reddish.

Arrowroot leaves bicolor lighter around the Central veins and have brown spots on top
  • Maranta fascinator. The leaves are distinguished by dark green upper side with light spots and bright red veins.

Beautiful, contrast and saturated colors, arrowroot leaves fascinator
  • Kerhovena. This species grows up to 1/4 m in height and has oval, dark-green leaves with white in the center of the provein.

Maranta Kerhovena has some similarity with two-color marantoj, but central part of leaves it is darker
Natural character of the usual growth conditions of arrowroot allows to keep it outdoors away from home during the warmer months,

Care at home


With respect to light it's quite demanding plant. Maranta feels best under diffused light.

Council! If you want to get healthy and beautiful arrowroot, It would be useful to include daily fluorescent lamps approximately 16 hours.

Best for arrowroot — diffuse bright light, for example near the window in the South or North of the House
Large leaves of arrowroot look luxurious and expressive, and will decorate any interior

An interesting feature of arrowroot is her reaction to light. If it's fairly, the leaves are arranged horizontally, But if not very light, they are vertically and resemble a closed socket.

Under diffused light maranta grows the most healthy and strong
Maranta would fit well in different interior compositions of ornamental plants


When planting arrowroot at home uses low wide pots. On the bottom it is recommended to pour coarse sand, solid brick, Sea pebbles or gravel. Fits slightly soil. For example, You can use such mixtures:

  • taken in equal quantities peregnojnuû, peat and leaf ground;
  • one part sand to one and a half parts peat and three parts of garden land;
  • sheet, peat, peregnojnuû, Kraft land with sand in the ratio 2:1:1:1.

It is recommended to add a bit of charcoal in the soil.

Preparation of compositions for terrarium with marantoj with their own hands
Tropical landscaping

Reproduction and change

The most common variant of arrowroot-breeding Division. At the time of transplant need to gently split root system so, in order not to damage the integrity of the roots. Further divided the plant planted in separate pots with peat soil. At first, need frequent watering, as the earth shall not completely dry out.

To create more favourable conditions for the rooting, growth and the emergence of new leaves and cuttings, we recommend that you install the pot in a plastic bag and keep in a warm place. As soon as the first young leaves, marantoj care must go to an ordinary scheme.

You can also reproduce the plant by using a cutting. The most favorable time for the this procedure-may-June. You need to carefully cut a young sapling, having a couple of leaves, and install it in a vessel with soft water at room temperature. Approximately within a month should take root, He was then put in a separate pot with peat soil.

Maranta looks great as part of the composition of landscape design Croft
Unusual bright crimson veins of leaves of arrowroot

How to baste arrowroot?

In the summer months, watering frequency should be 3-4 -This will allow ground remain slightly moist. During the winter, watering is necessary to reduce the: wet the soil then, When the top layer is dry enough. Water for irrigation must be at room temperature or slightly warmer. Watch out for her softness, because of the presence of limestone in water covered with spots belâmi arrowroot.

Useful about once a month to wash the plant under the shower. Not to swamp soil, Primer must first cover polyethylene. Also you can sprinkle water from arrowroot spray.

In summer recommend pot with this plant in a wide tray, ustelennyj ceramic concretes (also suited for a natural wet moss). Water should not reach the bottom of the pot. Remember: During watering be allowed hypothermia root system and soil waterlogging, because this will cause diseases of plants!

Tropical plant maranta loves humidity, but does not tolerate waterlogging soil
Spectacular colouring large, stain-shiny leaves of arrowroot

Temperature and humidity

As arrowroot is native from South America, where is usually warm and humid, the atmosphere in the premises should be treated responsibly. So, the best option is a room with a temperature 22-24 c and humidity up to 90%. By the way, If the bathroom has a window, You can decorate this room marantoj.

The plant is very sensitive to the presence of drafts and temperature changes, Therefore it is not necessary to have it in the wind or near Windows with slits. Winter pot with flower better in cooler (but not too cold) room, where the temperature will be 17-20 degrees.

Council! Because flower maranta feels best on wet Wednesday, It is impossible to have it near heaters, batteries and fireplaces.

Maranta — tropical plant and is quite suitable for bathroom decorations and design of walls. But it should not be forgotten that, that they receive enough illumination.
With the help of timely pruning of arrowroot plant attached to correct trailing form. If you want to rise up — requires support for leaves.

Top dressing

To arrowroot at home grew with maximum comfort, It needs regular top dressing. For this purpose you need to purchase any liquid fertilizer for pot flowers, and use it in the form of razvedennom approximately once every two weeks. You can also apply this scheme: Alternately twice a month to use the mineral and organic fertilizer.

Maranta Moody, but in terms of fertilizer is not very pereborčiva — any complex fertilizer, any alternation of organic and mineral
Maranta — the best basis for drafting Interior tropical songs

Whether you want to trim the arrowroot?

If you want to get accurate low plant, have to timely pruning. To do this, cut together with cuttings kidneys. This is necessary in order, to flower more actively producing new foliage.

Unusual bright picture leaves arrowroot
Maranta, planted near the front porch of the House

When and how the blooms maranta?

This plant attracts attention mainly for its beautiful deep green leaves, but every flower grower with the thrill of waiting for the appearance of flower buds on it. Blooming maranta pleases the eye from June to August. Its flowers are pretty simple, and represent the arrow with collected in small cone flowers white, yellow or pink colors.

Creeping horizontally striped bright leaves of arrowroot

Disease and pests

Usually the main reason for the occurrence of diseases in this plant is non-compliance with rules on care. So if you want to, that flower is not ill and joy surrounding a beautiful appearance, marantoj care at home must conform to, What has been described above. Basically the same arrowroot await the following troubles:

maranta dries — This comes from the, that room is too dry and cold. After, as you increase the temperature and humidity, She feels better

pallor of the leaves due to the fact, that drop direct sunlight. Diffused light or slight shading-here is your problem

If maranta yellow, and at the bottom of the leaves there are webs, This is the main sign of defeat plants Webby mite. Dealing with it will help spraying system insecticide, derrisom or malationom. You also need to increase the humidity in the room.

Council! People have such a method of dealing with Webby mite on marante. You need to grind the onion or mince garlic with husks, dilute the received weight liter water and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Then you need to drain, Add 5 g soaps, dilute with water (1:1) and wipe the arrowroot.

Spectacular contrasting foliage of arrowroot

Do the conclusions

As you can see, arrowroot is a rather whimsical plant, But if you give him proper care, This flower will delight you with its fresh and succulent appearance.

Juicy and bright color of arrowroot leaves pattern

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