Dicentra (60 Photo): types of, reproduction, planting and care — Design

Dicentra (60 Photo): types of, reproduction, planting and care

Plant Dicentra known original colors in the form of hearts

Dicentra is adorable and delicate flower, associated with many romantic legends. In our latitudes, it is better known under the name of "broken heart". Flower shape is very reminiscent of the heart, Therefore, almost every country name somehow linked to this symbol of love and devotion.

Dicentra — a symbol of love and devotion

In Europe the flower grew not initially dicentra. His birthplace-far East, China and North America. On our continent is pretty plant horrible from Japan, and was first described by Linnaeus himself yet.

Among all grades meets coloring a variety of shades — from white to red, as well as yellow
Dicentra gorgeous
Birthplace of plants — Asia and North America

Types of dicentry

In horticulture, used about a dozen species of dicentry from the existing twenty. To date, created a very diverse varieties of dicentry, to meet any aesthetic and climatic requests.

(D). Spectabilis

First, described by Linnaeus views, dicentra spektabilis was great or. It is this plant for its flowers incredibly reminiscent of heart. The bushes it's fairly high (to meter), especially compared to the other types of. The leaves are cut and very beautiful, so even after flowering d. gorgeous attracts attention. Interesting varieties:

  • Alba (white flowers, Bush just below-to 70 see);
  • Gold Heart (pink flowers and bright golden-yellow leaves);

Dicentra spectabilis, the variety is Alba
Dicentra spectabilis, variety Gold Heart

Council! If you like autumn, buy grade GoldHat. Golden foliage will delight you with their color even in summer.

  • Valentine (rich cherry flowers).

Dicentra spectabilis, grade Valentine

(D). Formosa

Dicentra beautiful grows only to 40 see, but has graceful White (Aurora), cream (Ivory Heart), Pink (Adrian Bloom) and red flowers (Bacchanal). Interesting variety with unusual silver leaves-Spring Magic.

Bloom D. beautiful falls during the summer months.

Dicentra formosa, sort of Aurora
Dicentra formosa, grade Adrian Bloom
Dicentra formosa, sort of Bacchanal

(D). Eximia

Dicentra excellent, or exclusive far below the magnificent. The plant is pulled up to 25 see. But blossoms from May to the Morozov. Easily transfers heat, so good gardeners from regions with high amplitude of temperatures.
Leaf D. superior resemble fern. Color the flowers are limited to pink and white.

Dicentra eximia

(D). scandens

Dicentra lazaûŝaâ is atypical, lianoobraznoe plant. The length of its branches reaches two meters, but they laid on the surface of the Earth. In our latitudes, this kind of dicentry often annua.

Dicentra scandens

Council! If your winters are harsh edge, try frost-resistant variety "Golden tears", and the flowers will bloom in your dicentry Garden until late autumn.

(D). Peregrina

Dicentra brodâžnaâ is a true survivor. Representatives of this species grew in the East already thousand years ago. With its tiny size (15 see) This plant has large white flowers or posečennye Violet-pink color.

Special attention deserves the sort of Burning Hearts, derived on the basis of the d. excellent and d. brodâžnoj. Its bright flowers, almost Red, and the leaves silver.

Dicentra peregrina

Council! Decorating your garden dicentrami of different types, You will be able to achieve the permanent flowering from May to the end of autumn. Dicentry gorgeous perfect fit in landscapes with ponds, and d. beautiful will serve as a wonderful decoration for curbs. Gardens of stones will become even more beautiful thanks to d. creeping and d. brodâžnoj, originally growing in the mountains.

Planting and caring for dicentroj (especially, for adapted varieties) -simple processes.

Dicentra excellent

Especially landing

As Dicentra-Bush, as a rule, long-term, the selection of locations on flowerbed you need to carefully consider.

Where to plant?

Dance lime trees were located properly plant will not cause difficulties, and cultivation of dicentry becomes a pleasure. Picking up the plot, Note these criteria:

  • Sunny light. The ideal option would be Penumbra. Bright sunshine will lead to a rapid cessation of flowering and can negatively impact on leaves. In full shade flowers very long will not be dissolved;
  • Fertile soil. Best land previously energize humus (3 kg per metre) and standard fertilizer for garden plants (15 g on a water bucket);
  • Drainage. Clay and too wet soil better mix with peat or sand, to avoid rotting of root system of stagnant water.

Dicentra beautiful

How to plant?

Pit for Bush should be dug at a depth of 40 see and have approximately the same diameter. Don't forget to leave a distance between bushes (half will be enough).

At the bottom of the holes fit drainage is broken or damaged brick. The loose soil, mixed with compost, fill remaining space. If the land you want to facilitate the, Add sand. A beneficial effect on soil podmešannaâ dicentry limestone chippings.

Council! All procedures, associated with landing and transfer dicentry, make gloves. The roots of this flower is poisonous. Watch, also, to animals did not eat a morsel of roots, rich from under the ground.

Dicentra — unusual garden decoration


It is theoretically possible three options for breeding dicentry seeds, by dividing the rhizome and by using the above-ground shoots.

In practice, however, in our latitudes dicentry seeds for cultivation are not used. Firstly, because flowers almost don't give. Secondly, even purchased seeds to grow a full Bush very hard.

Dicentra in Russia is known as «broken heart»

Divide roots

Fission produces not more than, than once every three years, but not later, than five years after planting, plants. Do this before awakening shoots (early spring) or after flowering (time depends on the grade).

Dicentru gently dig out. The roots of the cleanse and share. It is necessary to use a sharp knife, Once again do not traumatize the plant. Share the root part, having several kidney. Slices sprinkled with ashes. Delenki planted in shaded place and poured hot water on the Sun. After rooting, transfer to the prepared flowerbed. This algorithm:

  • Preparation of holes on a bed with a certain distance, reasonable size delenok;
  • Room delenok wells. Better to invest 3-4 things in one hole, that Bush turned out to be a lush and flowered in the first year;
  • Falling asleep and ramming the Earth;
  • Watering. The water should be warm in the Sun.

Blooming dicentra

Council! Before dividing give roots to dry up. Getting rid of excess moisture, it becomes more elastic and pliable.

Propagation by cuttings.

Breeding takes place in spring shoots overhead. Choose escape, growing at the base of the Bush, and cut it with a sharp knife. Place sharing in growth stimulant (approximately 24 hours), and then planted in warm water poured soil and cover with a foil. The roots are formed in a month, but in a flowerbed processus better migrate through the year.

Dicentra excellent saturated pink-lilac

Care for "broken heart"

How to grow dicentru? Too much difficulty in the care you will not have. Timely pouring and feeding the plant, You will achieve excellent results.


Dicentra copes well with temperature change, but afraid to spring frosts. Especially dangerous freezing for young bushes. To avoid this, spring shoots of the plant cover foil or other non-woven material.
The winter shelter is usually not prepared. If Frost severely harsh, the ground around the roots can be covered with a layer of peat (before 8 see) or spruce branches. Creating such insulation, you need to follow, to not started pereprevanie.

Lowest dicentry look good in mixed plantings — in flower beds, borders, on the roller coaster


Already mentioned, that stand up and calmly dicentra light, and shade. But to extremes better, all the same, do not bring. Penumbra will be best treatment for prolonged flowering shrubs and timely.

Our most common band Dicentra gorgeous

Humidity and watering

It should not be allowed nor drying, Neither waterlogging dicentry. Zastoâvšiesâ in soil water adversely affect roots and may lead to loss of plants. Drainage, in this regard,, plays an important role in the life of Bush, planted in soggy soil.

The frequency of irrigation depends on established temperature and speed soil drying. When watering, do not forget loosened Earth.

Charming hearts dicentry

Top dressing

To obtain bright buds in spring dicentru feed superphosphate. Yet 3-4 such recharge takes place in flowering period. When the plant flowers, will not interfere with food its fertilizer, containing nitrogen.

Useful and organic fertilizers. At the end of the winter under a Bush throw compost and urea, and autumn apply mullein.

It is important to, also, Spring add soil, otherwise the roots will get out to the outside, that is not very good, due to their toxicity.

Elegant and beautiful dicentra will leave nobody indifferent


To bloom is not merklo from year to year, withered flowers should be removed. At the end of the season, shoots and does cut off, leaving the order 5 see.

Dicentra bouquet

Disease and pests, ways to deal with them

Dicentra is resistant to plant diseases and pests. That problems have arisen, need to carry out preventive spraying Bush means by aphids and snails (for example, Iskra Bio "or" Zolon»).

That does not appear on the leaves ring spotting, and the flowers are not caught microplasma disease, You should regularly carry out weeding. Land for a month before planting the hive you want to process a solution of formalin (5%).

Dicentra — video

Dicentra — Photo

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